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Android Powerful VoIP Phones Giving Cellular a Raspberry Very Soon

I was reading the article by CNET, Samsung: Galaxy S4 for U.S. has four cores, not eight, and said, well that’s just not nice.  I would have also said fair, but hey, life isn’t that fair, is it?  Then I remembered about a few guys at my last few companies who build their own PCs.  Then I thought of this recent craze called, Raspberry Pi, you might have heard of this inexpensive computer.  The wheels started turning and I though, well, I want 8 cores, and maybe 32 megabytes of RAM, then I thought, hey why not more?

Now, I pulled back the reigns.  How can I build a phone?  What are the barriers?  For one, what are the mechanics that I can’t handle?  Well, there’s this whole concept of carriers, bands, and regulated waves.  Solved, in limited form.   I put together a phone that uses Voice over IP (VoIP).  There are tons of hot spots all over, and every day the number grows and grows.  The operating system, is that a problem, probably not.  The article  I saw the other day from CNET, Android originally designed as smart-camera system, also was another piece to the puzzle.  The Android mobile OS is Open Source, and I thought amazing, it’s Open Source.  Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available and licensed with an open-source license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software for free to anyone and for any purpose.  Many of the other challenges, screen, and other components, are relatively not too bad of a challenge.  So what I might end up with as a prototype is a VoIP phone from the 1980s, a brick phone.  Well, not that impressive.  Several companies, such as Avaya, and Cisco have been doing this a long time.  Then I thought, if the Raspberry Pi Foundation can make a small computer inexpensively, anyone  would be able to make a small VoIP phone as powerful as they want.  Coming soon from a Geek near you.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi

O2’s Tu Go Gives a Power Play to Mobile and Land Line Companies

BBC News – O2’s Tu Go aims to challenge Skype and other Voip apps.

Tu Go’s technology is an intriguing approach:

  • Mobile Co. Benefit: VoIP Data Transfer runs down your mobile provider minutes.  It is unclear if it runs down both the data and the minutes; however, it is implied.
  • Consumer Attractor, According to Company: Phone number goes with you where ever you go, and rings on smartphones, and computers that have the application launched.
  • As an expansion to O2’s Tu Go there is an interesting opportunity where mobile companies that are also under the same umbrella company, like Verizon Wireless, and Verizon FiOS, can also ring your home phone .  AT&T  as a secondary example, may also may take advantage of this opportunity as they have both a wireless unit and ‘land line’ phones, through U-verse. I may be over thinking this idea, as Tu Go may be able to as easily link the number in your home to your ‘portable’ number, to ring them in parallel.
  • Consumer potential detractor: Typically, the quality of VoIP is less, so other than the article stated consumer attractors, I am unsure the overwhelming benefit, even if the minutes are used instead of the data plan. The consumer can use their mobile phone in lieu of the the Tu Go application.