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Consumer Electronics Show Highlight: Teenage Dream Party

I was walking around the smaller booths later, small start-up companies, and small to mid size organizations, when I noticed the diamond in the rough, and I found one.  A gentleman was there with the most peculiar of devices, a machine that would scan your face, or you would pick a design, a girl or woman would put her fingers in the machine, and within minutes they would have a professional looking application of colors on their nails.  The professional working the machine would then apply a nail hardness overlay, and the nails would last similar to a professional, by hand application, at least way beyond the amateur application.

I was just at three sweet sixteen, and wedding showcases on the east cost, where vendors from around the region would all bring in their most glamorous showcase wares and all of the woman, men, and girls would be able to see what treasures they may add to their party to make the ultimate occasion, hip, posh, stylish, and/or a fun, memorable time. The booths ranged from a machine that you would step in to take your picture with your companions, cotton candy and popcorn machines, virtual reality rides, food as far as the eye can see, you name it, there was a ware to keep every girl teenager engaged in their sweet sixteen event, I was in awe, and also nervous for my own big event, and the wide wares I would need to lease, and felt my bank account shrink as I continued to look.  Although the smile on my daughter’s face was priceless, which took the pain of the expense sting away a bit.

However, what I did not see, was this nail style machine, and I am bewildered why.  It seems that you would have two or three of these machines at any sweet sixteen, but there  was not a single one to be found.  I would imagine the girls would be lined up to select their amazing designs, and this magic would permeate the room.  I could imagine that this machine might be able to also have alternating colors and patterns per finger, like I see my two daughters at home sporting constantly.  I looked into the pricing of the machine, they were priced to move, but not too inexpensive that one would question the quality and validity of the concept, so again, I cannot figure out why this diamond in the rough would absolutely not move, but would attract many girls and women to the booth for samples.  Even the refill cartridges priced at approximately 59 USD serves up one thousand SETS of nails, 10 fingers times one thousand for 59 dollars, and even lease the machine for 199 USD per month, if you don’t want to shell out the cash up front.  The only negative, an authentic nail stylists nightmare, another job bytes the dust.  I would appreciate your color commentary on why you think this machine is not at every sweet sixteen across the country.  Apparently, last year he won best concept award, and had one prototype, and this year he is ready to move these machines en mass.

Admiringly, Tatznailz has a low key web presence, and seems like they are putting all their eggs in product design, and momentum on trying to move these devices.  I would point to two key bits of advice, upgrade your web presence, and advertise.  Apparently they have the exclusive rights to distribute, but are not the manufacturers. They might be the best kept secret for a reason. Best success to them.  The gentlemen and owner who ran the show was very enthusiastic about his product, and I urge business development teams, as well as potential national sales representatives to reach out to them.


I hope this was not a fad, and is ‘so last year’, that the pace of enthusiasm for the product outpaced their ability to produce at the time of introduction last year, and finally when they are now ready to sell, the fad and enthusiasm has faded.  I can see these devices should have been a fixture at the two grand events I went to which were north east regional events , and displayed all the opportunities a girl or woman would want for their grand affairs.

Hold on, a Paradigm Shift is here: From Browser to Operating System

In short, with Windows 8, the Internet Portal, Jump Page, or Home Page paradigm shifts toward the operating system being the gateway.  What will this do to the Search and Browser based companies?  It pulls the rug right from under their feet, and thus the push for Google Chrome Operating System to compete.  Read on for an exciting twist of fate.

I was read an article this morning that said Google’s going to start charging usage of its applications. Is Google really trying to challenge Microsoft? Does Google think it is really ready? Using Google’s applications is free is one thing, paying is another. For example, Google+, don’t get me wrong, has a lot to offer, although, how long has it been around? 17 months, that’s a long time, let’s be frank…

Facebook, even in the early days, kicks Google Plus [BLANK] current platform, from the functionality and sexual appeal standpoint. Google has tons of money to catch up and kick Facebook’s but, right? 1 year, and 5 months, and this is the piece of garbage they produced. Wow, I guess Google isn’t made of money, hiring people like we seem to think, by the bucket load.

Then, why do we think they are trying to compete with Microsoft, an established player in the marketplace, and wisdom to evolve with human needs? I would most certainly use Google’s products for free, and I use their search, but to charge for more? I think Google is good to approach.

Although, how many evolution’s of Microsoft have we had of Windows and applications from Windows over Google with all their offerings? Microsoft Windows initial release11/20/85, 15 years. Microsoft Word has the wisdom and product, joined with human evolution, released in 83, two decades ago, generations of human and symbiotic evolution. Two decades of man and the machine, the technology evolving together into an interoperable, interchangeable, systems. Every generation the User Interface and system has had a change, to fine tune to the dynamics with human change. Now Google, just founded on 9/4/98, less than a decade ago, when did they start to show productivity? Also, how long were they focus on their core, Search? Until when? How mature are these tools you will blindly acquire, because guess what, you’ve ‘grown up’ with Google, evolved with it, and the organic tools created, such as document writing, versioning, photos, and so on.

Now Google wants people to PAY for an analogous Windows Word Version 2.0, in exchange for Word 11.0?! Seriously? That’s fourteen versions of evolution, and yes I counted. Now don’t get me wrong, if Google was rolling in it, had enthusiasm and drive like Apple did under Steve Jobs, the resources to do it. 17 months,this? http://bit.ly/QMQYnE People think I went around the bend, Is it the ability to lead a multinational, such as Google wouldn’t you think Google Plus would be stellar after 17 months. Is Google too ‘diversified’? Personally, I look at Google + as the red headed stepchild, which I feel bad about adopting, so I throw it some trinkets. But pay for it, really pay? That statement almost made me smirk. Are you nuts? It is competitive shopping time, oh yes, there are robust freeware and shareware products, cheap, and better. I wonder why we have so much robust free software. Maybe people with jobs, have lots of time on their hands to create products rivaling commercial ones, yeah, that must be it. So why in the bloody hell, G-d forgives me, are we going to pay up to Google? Only game in town to find the products? Google search is our page to go places, right? Now how about the new design of Windows Surface, or RT? Is it a complete game changer from a User Interface Standpoint. Has Microsoft really pushed the envelope of it’s creativity to actually produce a kick a$$ product, and make jump point, portal, or gateway the browser. Oops. Sorry Google. Actually, Microsoft may eventually go back to a monopoly for this is if wasn’t for Android tables, iStuff, and even little Google Chromebook. Microsoft Windows 8 no longer makes a flood gate to the world, in fact, the world is you, as natural and direct as to the applications you want. No more jump page, no more stop gap, or flow control. Our jump pages, or home pages have been the portal to everywhere. Google has been primarily our home page because it is simple. Our portals, jump pages, home pages, same stuff, control where we go, what we buy, and what we see.

Anyone remember a few years back, there was so much competition for the portal to the Internet, the jump or home page? Simply a text box and a picture, got you started, and it was like you evolved with a User Interface. Google began slightly to add on features, such as email, photos, but they were so minute, so undetectable. Google built an evolutionary platform literally from the ground up, a picture and a text box for a home page. Based on this assumption of human and machine evolution correlate to one another through user interface, ease of use, and paying it in kind. So then, primates, homosapiens, whatever, how long will you think it will take to evolve Google? George Carlin style answer: as long as it takes for humans to evolve, a 1:1 correlation. Are you going to really wait for Google to catch up, and since Windows 8 has entirely redesigned the paradigm of the machine, the portal may be superfluous, hence the push for Cromebooks. Hey, Android has a huge market share now after they by passed iOS, and Android help them do that. There are lots of Androids out there, as I told Ms. Whitman, and her predecessor, but you have to practically give away your Windows 8 OS, and mobile phones, and it’s an instant game changer. You don’t roll the dice; you sit out from the game. How would you react if you were at the helm of Microsoft, or Google?

Look, I am not trying to take sides, just state the obvious.  Also, I don’t care who threw which spear first, Google Chrome, but what I do care about…What I do care about…?The Doctor Who episodes.  Yep, maybe the kids, sometimes the wife.

Companies’ Fiber Infra Perform Quantum Computing Prior to Cloud, Elastic Computing Hub

A Qubit, a base unit in Quantum computing, representing several states simultaneously, as opposed to a bit, on or off, two states, got me thinking based on the New York Times article on the Australians developing a new class of Quantum Computer, plus the article on Google’s Fiber Project, and my conversation with a Verizon FiOS engineer regarding their experimentation with alternate [color] light and their fiber applications got me thinking:
– The delivery system itself would process data, in addition to the EC hub, similar to the human nervous system.
– The alternating colors / frequencies represent multiple ‘applications’ overlapped within the fiber, and could provide the ability to throttle frequencies?

Note: However, Optical cables transfer data at the speed of light in glass (slower than vacuum). This is typically around 180,000 to 200,000 km/s, resulting in 5.0 to 5.5 microseconds of latency per km.

Cable Companies’ Fiber Gives an Expanded Scope to Cloud, Elastic Computing.  Leased lines may form a whole new battleground of opportunity, or at least reignite the battle for those familiar with the break up of the “Baby Bells”.