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Players and Ball Tagged with WiFi for an Enhanced Sports Experience

I was reading about MLB’s iBeacon driven events that are in proximity to you, and receiving advertisements, or interactive content for the “physical event”.  As I’ve mentioned, I would like to see from my seat in the stands, a real time, dynamic score card, that shows me players trying to steal a base, as an example, or show me an error in progress, awesome.

One step further, feel the bone crushing view of a wide receiver driving the ball, and feel the wall of defense men stop me with a vibration, a jolt and real time video of the catch, and the eventual stop at the N yard line.  Put that in your XBox One, get in the game with enhanced realism never before experienced by a spectator.

Google Glass Sportswear Improves Soccer Scoring Percentages

A Digital Eye to Watch Soccer’s Trouble Spots

This article in the New York Times had me thinking about Soccer and Cameras.  I, then progressed onto object identification with cameras, as per my previous post, and then thought about Google Glass.  If one were to fit Google Glass on sports sun glasses so it would be protected and affixed as someone played sports, that would be the first step to allow a soccer player to predict the movement of a goalie opponent, and score.

Barriers: motion capture and focus of each frame as the player moved through the field, as the soccer scorer approached the goal.  The soccer player taxes a ‘moments’ pause, if at all, and kicks, head butts, whatever, to get the score in the goal.  The idea is to be where the soccer player is not.  So many variables to deal with by both the goalie, and the opposing team. From the mind of the goal keeper, where are his defense men, where is the opposing force, team advancement and positioning, and so on.  However, just as American teams watch old footage of the opposing force, their opposition moves, as well as there defensive weaknesses, so to, can soccer players take advantage, and practice, in real time, with Google Sportswear glasses.  These Google Sportswear may take hours and hours of footage, analyze footage, and induce possible defensive moves that a goal keeper might make against a scorer given field positions.  There are many variables, however, using object, facial recognition, historical game footage, and these glasses, may make for real-time suggestions to a soccer player for a practice session.  I am not suggesting soccer would allow these enhancements during game play, but in practice, they may attune a players skills, just like flight simulators for a pilot.

In addition, with the footage incorporated in the future with the above technology, this technology may improve to be a very useful tool.