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Microsoft Skype Explores Additional Revenue Opportunities

Microsoft’s Skype began rolling out an ‘upgrade’ to replace Lync yesterday.   Are there any additional revenue opportunities for Skype going beyond the Business licensing fee for Office 365?

Look no further than the artifact of a chat, the conversation.    This applies to any chat solution.   Getting beyond the ‘privacy’ issues,  the Skype app may directly feed into a blog using a blog plugin.

This plugin will allow a user to connect to a Skype account.  User defined settings would store Skype creds. in the Blog ‘Settings’ menu.

The plugin will install a new type of Blog ‘object’ called the Chat Conversation, or just Conversations.  For each Skype chat log imported, there will be a correlated [post] conversation.  Once there is a conversation posted, the Blog Admin may go into the ‘Conversation’ post, and update the post with any tags they see fit.   The imported Conversation is, by default, set to a status of Pending.  An accompanying widget will be installed, giving the blog a ‘Skype Conversation’ sidebar widget.  The widget produces a ‘Conversations’ Tag Cloud.  If a tag is selected, the UI will list any  conversations that contain the selected tag.

There may need to be a disclosure manually on the ‘Conversation’ [post].  For each post, the admin would need  to check the box that says as required by law, all participants of this conversation were notified the conversation was recorded and stored with public access.  Conversely, ‘Conversations’ may be set to password protected upon upload.

Alternatively, export the text of the conversation from Skype, import into blog post, tag, and update with Public, or Password Protected.  The drawback is the conversations are now bucketed with all the posts, and conversation tags are not separated from other posts.  A ‘Conversation’ may not only contain text, but audio, video, desktop sharing, etc.  as well.  The limits may be on the Skype client, and what can it export.  Also, this implies the Skype Conversation and all of its components (audio, video, text) may be saved either on the desktop, or the Skype ‘Cloud Data Services’.

O2’s Tu Go Gives a Power Play to Mobile and Land Line Companies

BBC News – O2’s Tu Go aims to challenge Skype and other Voip apps.

Tu Go’s technology is an intriguing approach:

  • Mobile Co. Benefit: VoIP Data Transfer runs down your mobile provider minutes.  It is unclear if it runs down both the data and the minutes; however, it is implied.
  • Consumer Attractor, According to Company: Phone number goes with you where ever you go, and rings on smartphones, and computers that have the application launched.
  • As an expansion to O2’s Tu Go there is an interesting opportunity where mobile companies that are also under the same umbrella company, like Verizon Wireless, and Verizon FiOS, can also ring your home phone .  AT&T  as a secondary example, may also may take advantage of this opportunity as they have both a wireless unit and ‘land line’ phones, through U-verse. I may be over thinking this idea, as Tu Go may be able to as easily link the number in your home to your ‘portable’ number, to ring them in parallel.
  • Consumer potential detractor: Typically, the quality of VoIP is less, so other than the article stated consumer attractors, I am unsure the overwhelming benefit, even if the minutes are used instead of the data plan. The consumer can use their mobile phone in lieu of the the Tu Go application.