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Playing with the Queen of Hearts at Lush

As a just like this gift, I went into the Lush, Fresh Handmade Gifts, and bought hand lotion for her.  I originally found Lush when I frequented London from 04 to 08 and Lush in Liverpool Station while walking around during lunch.  The sales associate of the store was very nice, and she showed us quite a few specials, including a few really cool gifts such as the Ex-Factor, a little blue gingerbread type man, with a single red heart painted on him.

“Who knew vengeance could smell so sweet? Drop our little vanilla and ylang ylang man into your tub and delight in watching his limbs dissolve”

An adorable, and heart felt gesture for the girl who got her heart trampled on, can now do it in return, and for 5 USD.  Enjoy ladies

Next Gen Spend Without Hi-Tech Spend

If you want to allocate money to someone, like a gift card without spending the money for a smartphone with an app to transfer the money? What gave me the idea, in part, was the post office and printing out bar code stamps. There are several approaches that include protection against fraud exist.

1) Print out a QR/UPC bar code sticker label which contains information such as monetary allocation plus identification which can match the person’s drivers license, have a brief expiration for the label and the person can go and print out a new label when it expires e.g. a day or week, etc. from an intermediary source or financial instirution.

2) Silicone braclet contains smartcard chip. The braclet comes in colors the intemediaary and/or financial indtitution issue. Braclet interacts with issued short range RF wrist band to indicate identity and help protect against fraud.

Just a thought, give a silicone braclet for the holidays?

Expand this to loyalty programs as well.  There was a gimmick a few years ago with a new shape in credit cards by Discover Card services, however, this was too big and bulky, and shaped oddly, not convenient to attach to a keychain.  It did not catch on, and that before the Smartphone craze, so this avenue wasn’t pursued.  It has merit, because children love the band brackets, so they can get a specific allocation on the card to limit spending.  The wristbands are a great stylistic component which will be popular with a large consumer, Women.