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Equity Disclosure WordPress Plugin

I’ve worked with someone from Freelancer.com to bring you the Equity Disclosure WordPress Plugin.  I’ve submitted this plugin to WordPress, and they have accepted it.  I think it is important for a writer to disclose their bias.  You may download, and install it manually here or from WordPress here. Warning: support is limited, we take no liability in the use of the program.  Happy blogging, and disclose your biases.

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Is Petabyte Transfer a Commodity to be Traded on Open Markets?

There is a lot that goes into the electronic transfer of information, excluding your personal computer or smartphone device.  You have cellular towers, fiber optic cables (or pipe), infrastructure to help exchange that information through the pipe, as well as possible optimizations that compress and transfer, or route the information through the networks.

There may be a time where futures commodities such as oil, gold, and silver are traded along side of petabyte transfers, the data packets, not the actual contents of the information.  This means that all the components that help you get from your PC or smartphone to another, as in the aforementioned, regardless if they are leased components (lines) or the ownership of proprietary solutions, such as data crunch utilities to help compress, will all be divided up the price of information transfer to their owners or IP licensees.  Trading the future (3, 6 month contracts) of data transfer (petabytes x rate speed = USD amount) sounds a bit odd, however, anything that we may correlate a value to may be traded on open markets.  Who is the buyer and more importantly, where does the contract originate, the seller, is derived.  I would think the data transfer commodities would be packaged and priced accordingly by an Equities firm, as they pull together all of the players, calculate each component amount, and then price the packaged commodity would be the driver.  So, an equities firm right now may have the opportunity to pull these asset backed securities together, price them, and sell them.  As the technology improves, the price of the contract may go down, however, in exchange, what we send across the pipe may also increase, such as more cloud services, e.g. Gaming as a Service, and then these contracts may be undervalued.  With the approval of all government and legal parties, such as the FCC and the SEC, you may have another commodity to trade.