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KODAKOne platform and KODAKCoin cryptocurrency | An Innovative Path Forward

The KODAKOne image rights management platform will create an encrypted, digital ledger of rights ownership for photographers to register both new and archive work that they can then license within the platform. KODAKCoin allows participating photographers to take part in a new economy for photography, receive payment for licensing their work immediately upon sale, and sell their work confidently on a secure blockchain [cryptocurrency] platform.

Source: KODAKOne platform and KODAKCoin  | Kodak Graphic Communications Group

I’m really excited about these two technologies coming to fruition.  I believe there are several companies already in the digital asset enforcement and management space, such as embedded digital watermarks, so I’m curious how Kodak and WENN Digital will:

  • Crawl the digital landscape we call the Internet and identify potential infringements of licensing for specific digital photos.
  • The ability to “automatically” notify the person(s) or legal business entity who have been flagged for the infringement.
  • Enforcement of licensing or the removal of images.

I’m more skeptical re: Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.  However, with KODAKCoin, it gives me more to reflect upon.

Based on the minimum information currently released:

Government-backed regulation
This community [KODAKCoin] will be supported with a set of unique benefits only available by the issuance of KODAKCoin cryptocurrency via an SEC Regulated Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Branded cryptocurrency could have some legitimate legs which are “relatable” to a wider audience of people who “don’t get it.”  Kodak still has a solid brand, and a business model to integrate the coin.

CES 2013 Show: Huawei, and iPhone 5S/U, or U for Unsatisfied

At the show they had a red phone under a glass case,and it looked top secret.  At first glance, when you approached the booth, the sales team seemed on the defensive about their product, and their placement in the marketplace, in the same arena as Samsung.  As the conversation progressed, a more relaxed approached began to take place, and they even took their phone out of the glass case for me.  I must say that they seem to be trying to bring their A Game with a Quad Core processor, Al be it 1.5 GHz, it was still an impressive device, and the specs may be found here.

We had a candid conversation, and I said to play in the global markets, they need to break the 4 GB barrier.  Apple has now stunned the mobile community with the 64 Bit processor to get ready to raise the roof on memory.  However, anyone who understands addressing, the 64 bit addresses will each take up more memory than their 32 bit counterpart, e.g. takes more memory to run each application, but if you have raised the amount of memory on the device, no problem.  Unfortunately, Apple iPhone 5S has not raised the memory but has implied the 64 bit processor is the first step, getting their OS, and developers ready to manage more memory.  I think it might have been in the cards but it’s too late.

Consequence, fewer applications may run in a 64 bit addressable processor without running out of memory in multi-threaded mode.  Here is an example register under the Windows Chip Architecture, not exactly apples and oranges, but the analogy is similar.

Win 32 v. 64


As a side note, back to the Asia market, here is an infographic which iterates through the opportunities in those consumer markets. Very interesting.

APJE Smartphone Vendor


Fujitsu Technology Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

Fujitsu Develops Technology That Turns Paper Into a Touchscreen

This article is good, but the video courtesy of YouTube/DigInfo is extremely telling, and seems leaps and bounds for the business commercial sector as an advancement in interactive input technology.  This compact projection and cam input device is bold in its accomplishments for the consumer market.  The video shows capture of images, and text by selecting the object with your finger, as well as projecting objects on a flat surface, but perceived what looks like in three dimensions: height, width and depth. The user has the ability to move an object left right forward and back with his finger.  It’s a bit big, would be my only criticism, however, right sized for the first implementation.  There are technologies, which already exist, that allow the projection and interaction of an object in three dimensions, but are still flat interactively, and project vertically, such as an object I mentioned I saw at CES 2013 I mentioned in a previous post.  The goal of an input and projection technology of this nature would allow holographic, or circular projection and manipulation of a device.  It sounds simple enough to expand upon this technology.  Create a thin frame cube, which can be expanded and retracted.  Each angle, intersection point contains one of these similar low resolution cams, just as displayed in the Fujitsu  video.  Capturing and projecting holographic technology, is not a new technology, but has yet to be commercialized.  Inches and goal.

Virtual Keyboard For Mobile Devices Has Users Type On Air

An article I just read on PSFK, Virtual Keyboard For Mobile Devices Has Users Type On Air – PSFK. previews Fujitsu‘s design of a prototype keyboard.  In it’s current prototype design, has no projection of keys, so the user must type in the air.  The user looks at the screen to determine if there key depressions, and fingers are in proper alignment with the virtual keyboard.  A camera monitors the user’s hand movements, and the key component of Fujitsu’s solution is software driven.  Although, this seems like a relatively inexpensive solution, i.e. possible reuse of existing web cameras, without the ability to project a virtual keyboard, this design seems embryonic.   At the CES show this year, I saw a product in the Eureka section, which has the capability for the user to pass their fingers through a transparent screen, and virtually touch objects on the screen.  It was a very interesting design, and would be great to marry up the two products.  At the CES 2013 show, they were demonstrating their virtual keyboard with a video game, which you needed to touch the correct shape as they fell down the virtual screen, so it was actually a two in one design, both a virtual keyboard and a screen.  Unfortunately, I don`t remember, and don`t have the literature to identify the company, although the Eureka section was a small part of the expo in the Bellagio, so someone at this year`s expo, should be able to pinpoint the company.  If you remember the company name, please post a comment.

Consumer Electronics Show Highlights: Nervous during pregnancy, iBaby is for you.

My wife and I had children while we were young and again,when we were a bit older, tried and tried to have another child, and eventually we had Sam; however, it was quite nerve racking especially when some couples have miscarriages.  The entire pregnancy, some are quite nervous if everything is OK with the baby, especially at night, if you don;t feel the baby move.  Even when we were young, if my wife did not feel the baby, we got nervous, and stayed up at night until we felt a response from the baby.  Leave it to the technologists at iBaby Labs to put your mind at ease any time, day or night.

We had our 3rd baby a little later in life, and were quite nervous that the baby would be healthy because of our age.  We constantly listened and felt for heart beats early in the pregnancy, and were up some nights waiting for the baby to kick or move many a sleepless night.  The iBaby Heart Sense allows you to instantly hear the babies heart beat though your iPad.  Using simple Doppler technology, within seconds you can see and hear the babies heart beats, record them throughout the pregnancy, the software makes sure to record, and compare the babies progress throughout the pregnancy.  They also are able to display information relevant to your trimester, and you can correlate it back to your own experiences.  Kiss those sleepless nights goodbye waiting up to hear the baby and the nervousness that everything is OK until the baby kicks.  Now, if I have a 4th, iBaby HeartSense will come in real handy for myself and the baby.

2013-01-10 13.42.19

iBaby HeartSense
iBaby HeartSense

Consumer Electronics Show Highlight: Teenage Dream Party

I was walking around the smaller booths later, small start-up companies, and small to mid size organizations, when I noticed the diamond in the rough, and I found one.  A gentleman was there with the most peculiar of devices, a machine that would scan your face, or you would pick a design, a girl or woman would put her fingers in the machine, and within minutes they would have a professional looking application of colors on their nails.  The professional working the machine would then apply a nail hardness overlay, and the nails would last similar to a professional, by hand application, at least way beyond the amateur application.

I was just at three sweet sixteen, and wedding showcases on the east cost, where vendors from around the region would all bring in their most glamorous showcase wares and all of the woman, men, and girls would be able to see what treasures they may add to their party to make the ultimate occasion, hip, posh, stylish, and/or a fun, memorable time. The booths ranged from a machine that you would step in to take your picture with your companions, cotton candy and popcorn machines, virtual reality rides, food as far as the eye can see, you name it, there was a ware to keep every girl teenager engaged in their sweet sixteen event, I was in awe, and also nervous for my own big event, and the wide wares I would need to lease, and felt my bank account shrink as I continued to look.  Although the smile on my daughter’s face was priceless, which took the pain of the expense sting away a bit.

However, what I did not see, was this nail style machine, and I am bewildered why.  It seems that you would have two or three of these machines at any sweet sixteen, but there  was not a single one to be found.  I would imagine the girls would be lined up to select their amazing designs, and this magic would permeate the room.  I could imagine that this machine might be able to also have alternating colors and patterns per finger, like I see my two daughters at home sporting constantly.  I looked into the pricing of the machine, they were priced to move, but not too inexpensive that one would question the quality and validity of the concept, so again, I cannot figure out why this diamond in the rough would absolutely not move, but would attract many girls and women to the booth for samples.  Even the refill cartridges priced at approximately 59 USD serves up one thousand SETS of nails, 10 fingers times one thousand for 59 dollars, and even lease the machine for 199 USD per month, if you don’t want to shell out the cash up front.  The only negative, an authentic nail stylists nightmare, another job bytes the dust.  I would appreciate your color commentary on why you think this machine is not at every sweet sixteen across the country.  Apparently, last year he won best concept award, and had one prototype, and this year he is ready to move these machines en mass.

Admiringly, Tatznailz has a low key web presence, and seems like they are putting all their eggs in product design, and momentum on trying to move these devices.  I would point to two key bits of advice, upgrade your web presence, and advertise.  Apparently they have the exclusive rights to distribute, but are not the manufacturers. They might be the best kept secret for a reason. Best success to them.  The gentlemen and owner who ran the show was very enthusiastic about his product, and I urge business development teams, as well as potential national sales representatives to reach out to them.


I hope this was not a fad, and is ‘so last year’, that the pace of enthusiasm for the product outpaced their ability to produce at the time of introduction last year, and finally when they are now ready to sell, the fad and enthusiasm has faded.  I can see these devices should have been a fixture at the two grand events I went to which were north east regional events , and displayed all the opportunities a girl or woman would want for their grand affairs.

Consumer Electronics Show Highlight: The Chipset Challenge

Today I talked with a few brilliant engineers about their latest, to be released Chipsets, and was I blown away by the brilliance of these product engineers and managers.  Two chips I would like to briefly highlight today are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, and the Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset advancements.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset is so off the charts amazing from a consumer standpoint, they had a room with a tablet plugged into a large high definition headset, and the room encapsulated a complete set of surround sound speakers, as well as each chair was equipped with a common headset.  The tablet was plugged into the HD system through an HDMI cable, and that was it.  I won’t bore you about 2K verses 4K High Definition upgrade standards, but what I can tell you was the video sequence they played on this Android tablet was of such high caliber quality and no lag whatsoever, and the sound was so superb, it would in fact give ANY of the movie theaters I have been to ever, a run for their money.  I have been to quite a few movies in my lifetime.

The Nvidia team had us put on the headsets, which were your basic headsets, nothing special, but the same N channel surround sound that came out of each channel, e.g. center, front & side left, front & side right, and back channels was emulated through the headsets with the same superior sound quality, and power.  The demonstrators had us remove our headsets as they were blasting sound through each channel, and we couldn’t believe the sound was not coming through the speakers, but was coming through the headsets themselves.

Qualcomm is looking at the second half of this year for general release to be pushed to their partners, and/or the consumers.  That part was unclear, however, what was clear, was the amazing power you will have in your Android tablet coming soon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800
Qualcomm Snapdragon 800


I had the rare pleasure to speak with an amazing engineer at NVidia that took the time and patience to go through advancements of the Nvidia Tegra 4 Chipset.  Instead of giving you the granular tech jargonese that we went through, I will sum it up in two ways.  The Nvidia Tegra 3 Chipset already had an efficiency with a 5th core that primarily remained idle, and was used to gain battery life in mobile phones.  What it did, and continues to do in the Tegra 4, at an idle period of the phone, instead of using these four massive processors to burn up the battery life, this 5th ‘light weight’, low power consumption core would handle the idle times, and give the four massive boys a rest.  This extends the battery life significantly.  Well, now the boys and girls at Nvidia said, after Tegra 3, hey, we have this 5th core, let’s allow ourselves to push the envelope slightly, not only use this core for battery life efficiency on your phone, but let’s let the mobile applications have access to this core so now you have 4 mean, powerful cores hard at work, and one slightly advanced core being used for both efficiency and graphical applications, like games.  Brilliant.

Nvidia Tegra 4
Nvidia Tegra 4

Finally, Nvidia doesn’t stop there, it is now in the business development phase of bringing you cloud gaming, essentially Elastic Computing for Graphical Calculations in a cloud with an exponential set of these Chipsets, where you can subscribe to this gaming service, and all of the hard core tough calculations of rendering graphics at lighting speed is done in the cloud, and just the basic pixels get pushed to your phone, relatively a really light weight signature. Your phone or computer becomes a terminal emulator, which can focus on your inputs, instead of graphic rendering, and the cloud does all the hard work, again, brilliant, and the future of gaming.  The engineer and I just looked at each other, and we knew, this was the pie in the sky for the gaming industry.  Hold on to your hats, this is going to be a wild ride.  Now, they are still in the stage where they must solidify the details with a cloud company that hosts these servers, and provides the gaming service, e.g. business development, but the technology has arrived.  In addition, engineering and science packages like Mathematica may also use this type of Elastic Computing High Yield for massive calculations.

Nvidia Grid Cloud Gaming
Nvidia Grid Cloud Gaming


Consumer Electronics Show Highlight: It’s iPotty Time!

As a father of three, and already had the challenge of putting two children through potty training, and now one on the way to potty training, it can be very challenging to get the toddler comfortable with transitioning from the diaper to the potty.  There were many a time where both me and my daughters were crying for different reasons, they wanted to use the diaper, and it was a struggle getting them in that comfort zone of using a potty.  One of the solutions I look forward to comes from a very creative team from Brooklyn, New York,  They are still working out the branding, marketing, and engineering of the potty, but as you are able to see there is a potty that the child can sit down on and play games on an iPad, or even read the award winning E-Book Once Upon a Potty on the iPad.  That is how we were able to get our daughters to go potty, reading that book every night.  To top it all off the “iPotty” am affectionately calling it, has a seat cover, so it serves a dual purpose.  The young man demonstrating the potty was talking about using the seat after the fact. Although, I believe from a physiological effect, put the seat on first, and have the child play on the chair with the iPad, reading the Once Upon a Potty book, or iPad games so they are very comfortable with the chair, and after a while the child wont even realize they are now all grown up, and you may shed a few tears, because after this, it’s off to college.

Android and iPad mini users, don’t fret, the designers mentioned compatibility for those products as well, and for under 40 USD it’s a steal.

2013-01-09 11.38.31

CES iPotty
CES iPotty