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Bitcoin has Dropped 52% since Jan 14, 2022

On November 9th, 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) was valued at ~67k. I waited and bought in on January 14th at 43k. per BTC. Like many others, I continued to buy in “on the dip” with an overall moderate investment. Months later I am in disbelief at the deep devaluation of cryptocurrencies across the board, specifically BTC, which I thought would be the best crypto to steer clear against significant loss of value.

Post Topics Include:

In Bear Markets, Investors Shift from Equities to other Asset Types. Why not Crypto?

Crypto not Sustained by Global Black and Grey Market Transactions?

Volume and Volatility

Influential Events – Impact on Markets

Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

Bolstering National Economies of South America

Source: Bitcoin has Dropped 52% since Jan 14 2022 – All About Digital Assets – Roseman Solutions LLC