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Amazon Cloud Services uses their Shipping Logistics to Build and Ship

Amazon leverages its existing shipping and logistics knowledge and applies it to a new cloud resource, a 3D Printer.

Using Amazon’s platform, a user can connect through Amazon’s cloud services, lock a shared cloud resource, a 3D printer, feed the printer one of several formats: 3D blueprint, 3D digital scan, or industry spec file format.  The object is then printed out, and shipped using Amazon’s shipping logistics engine.

Make the object you want and Amazon will ship it to you.  How much does it cost? Cost of materials used to produce the object is quantified and charged, in addition to a cloud [resource] usage fee, and potentially discounted shipping based on Amazon’s current scale.

As the service is matured, design tools, basic and advanced, will be provided to produce your designed object.  Only your imagination, and capability to express it limits your ability along with Amazon to deliver your products.

At some point, a seller can have a storefront, where objects can not only be shipped, but build on demand as well.  For example, circuit boards can be sold now, with the above engine and service, from a seller with the proper schematics.


Let’s Get Ready to Rumble with 3D Printed Robots on BattleBots?

I was just thinking about the cool 3D applications one may come up with, and based on the materials used for the 3D printer and designs specified, you could have a special edition of the show BattleBots.  I think that show may help showcase some of the latest 3D printers, as well as sponsored by the companies producing the printers, the refill materials, as well as the retail distribution outlets, which sell these printers.  The show also has the opportunity to popularize these printers to continue them into the mainstream.  Perhaps, even, Google can show off their Cloud Print services?  3D Printed Robots, that is an amazing way to popularizing the printers with the younger generation.

Google Cloud Print: Charge for Your 3D Printer Use at Any Storefront

Google – Cloud Print. I know it’s just in beta at this moment, but I know these guys.  I also wrote a previous article about 3D printers in the Cloud not that long ago.  Coincidence?

The business model: connect your 3D printer(s) to Google’s Cloud Print, and allow people to print to your small storefront, stationary, or office supplies stores, as if they were printing two dimensional paper copies.

I wrote about the consumer taking their three dimensional models, and they have a wide range of ‘turnaround’ profit applications, as listed in my previous post.