Multitasking Professionals

Revive and Thrive Your Small Business with a Professional Addition to your staff

Add a personal and professional touch to greet your customers on the phone. Powered by Twilio, and geared towards any restaurant or small business, our interactive voice solutions to accommodate your customers includes:

  • Text your callers your full, color menu, upon request.
  • Say or Text your callers “Tonight’s Specials”.
  • Get on the “Call Ahead” list leveraging Google Calendar
  • Speak to the Host or Hostess at any time of the call
  • Any of the automated voices can be replaced by a supplied voice
  • Replace “Tonight’s Specials” easy with a new audio file
  • Add / Replace an audio file with “Tonight’s Entertainment”
  • The caller can request a calendar of the Week’s events

Need an Online and Phone Presence

Are you hungry, and know the number of your favorite, yet busy restaurant? Sure, OpenTable is great for finding establishment, but why bother when you can call your favorite place and within seconds get on their “Call Ahead” list, or find out tonight’s entertainment.

Pricing Transparency

Customize your Install (one time charge)

The complexity of your custom installation will dictate the cost. If you leverage the “out of the box” template that includes the above features, $150, a one-time fee. For a limited time, we are reducing the initial setup fee to $50 USD with a “basic” level of configuration, i.e. less than 2 hours of configuration, which covers most setup.

Buy a Number

Twilio will charge $1 immediately per phone number purchased. Afterward, you’ll be charged $1/month in addition to the usage you incur on the Phone Number.

Ongoing Costs – Usage – Calls Per Month

Pass-through charges from Twilio are 0.0085/min. In addition, sending Text messages are $ 0.0075 per message, and sending Picture Messages are $0.02 per message.

Ongoing Costs – Maintenance and Support

Depending on the complexity of the requested changes, there would be a one time charge per requested change, OR changes are included in an ongoing $10 per month maintenance service.

Welcome to Ian’s Bar and Grill

Don’t believe me, check out a sample/template that could be used for your establishment. Call +1 (609) 438-8514.

Do you want more information on a customized, low-cost, high-value solution within a limited amount of time? Contact me with your details

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

During the first 30 days after setup. if a customer wants to cancel service, only fees from Twilio will be charged. Any configuration and setup services are FREE, and service will be canceled.

All prices are not finalized and are not a guarantee of cost until a quote is provided for proposed services and solutions.