Client Relationship Management Systems Integrating Twitter

A few months ago, I had an issue with my Internet Service Provider, griped about it on Twitter and before you know it, the organization has a Twitter search,  and was walking me through a problem.   It was amazing to have that type of personal care and quick response. So thinking about it, why not just add the additional feature to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

As an example, the CRM system should troll through tweets looking for hashtags which may include company name, any additional issue related content, and then generate a unique ticket ID, which may be a separate queue from the regular CRM.  The tweet gets placed as a line item in the comments section appended with date, time and status.  A person then reviews the queue to try to identity the actual customer,  like following the user and tweeting back, who are you and how can I help suggesting to DM them your customer ID.  The companies’ account would be verified, so no trust issues.

If it is a valid customer,  they qualify the interaction, e.g. new service,  tech support,  move the Twitter ticket out of the queue and route a new CRM ticket to the appropriate department, where, they may continue the conversation by phone, or a company authorized chat program.

Sounds cool.

Get the party started: Accessory diffracts a laser to the rhythm of smartphone music

I searched and search, and could not find a simple laser pointer that connects to an Android or iPhone port, has diffractive elements which spread the beam(s), and bounce to the music.  It seems fairly straight forward, it’s like the iTunes Visualizer but a projected, diffracted laser that connects to your Android or iPhone.  A laser enthusiast and an iPhone or Android developer could probably create one fairly easily with a basic laser pointer, and several Diffractive Optical Elements.  I haven’t looked at the Apple iOS programming API in a while, so not sure what they expose to access the music that is currently playing, but if the API is available, then have at it.  Great addition to any party!

2013 CES Highlight: I now have one less use for my wife, thanks i-Massager

I was just reviewing some of the photos from the 2013 Computer Electronics Show, and showed her this i-Massager image.  I told her you’d probably have one less use for me if you had this device.  She looked at the device, and said, oh, that looks, nice.  Then she asked if it could be used with an iTouch or iPhone, then gave a nod, and smiled.  She was kidding, right?


All Fun and Games with Your Waterproof Smartphone Case

At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, there were many case vendors, and some were touting decent depths and times for waterproof smartphone cases.  I think a fun activity for the kids, and adults this summer may be to toss the phone into the pool, and an application can chime sonar, just like those items you toss in the water, and the kids race to see who gets them first.  Of course, different submersibles are worth varying points, typically the blue ones, which match the pool liner will be worth more points.  I wonder what the Jaws theme sounds like under water?  How about at night, might be fun to toss the phone into the water and see a light show.  Maybe throw on a laser splitter to the mini USB port, and you can have a funky laser light show under water.  Sigh. I don’t get invited to those parties anymore.

Ride the Near Field Communications Wave

At the 2013 Computer Electronics Show, there were only a few vendors touting Near Field Communications (NFC) technology integrated into their products, that I could see, and I did try to get to as many booths as possible.  Last week I mentioned people in Korea use NFC business cards to exchange and play music on their devices.  After that post, I did see a company’s tweet saying they were going to get into the distribution of NFC cards to store music, movies, and more, as the advertisement stated.  The benefits of this technology over Bluetooth simply low / near null power signature, inexpensive relative to the Bluetooth technology, and the potential shortcoming is it has a very short range.  Smartphones equipped with NFC can be paired with NFC tags or stickers which can be programmed by NFC apps to automate tasks.   NFC always involves an initiator and a target; the initiator actively generates an RF field that can power a passive target. This enables NFC targets to take very simple form factors such as tags, stickers, key fobs, or cards that do not require batteries. NFC peer-to-peer communication is possible, provided both devices are powered. NFC tags contain data and are typically read-only, but may be rewriteable.  I also had a conversation with someone that implied the storage on the NFC tags may be limited, so an easy workaround would be to store unique keys, such as a reverse domain name, and other pointers to data in a structured storage data web cloud, which is hosted by any number of verticals.

In this post I wanted to highlight a few potential uses.  Unfortunately, this is the second time I am writing the blog post because the first one didn’t get saved.  Annoying!

Automobile Servicing

Instead of the sticker a car dealer, or your mechanic, may put in the top left hand corner of your window to remind you to change your oil at N miles or Z months, an NFC sticker can be encrypted with your car’s VIN number, the complete required and suggested maintenance for the vehicle, as well as when and by who these services were completed.  The NFC Sticker may be placed in the console where you might place your smartphone.

Food Storage, Food Savings

On your refrigerator, you may place an NFC Sticker, that is overlaid on a magnet.  Every time food is removed or placed in a refrigerator or pantry, you can swipe the food NFC tagged with the cooperation of the food manufacturer.  An average usage model can be derived and encoded on the tag, as well as a proximity timer.  If the food item, such as milk, is not returned to refregerator within a given period of time, a notification on your smartphone, and/or a depreciation counter can be reprogrammed on the NFC tag to indicate approximate usage.  Once the item needs to be restocked, or placed back, a notification may appear on your smartphone, and/or added to your shopping list.

Books, Music, and Movie Samplings from a Store

If you’re in a store, and pass by a book, music CD or movie DVD, an NFC tag may contain a URL to download a PDF sample of the book, a music track from the CD, only available in stores through use of the NFC tag, or bonus material from a movie that only can be accessed through the NFC tag in stores to drive traffic into a store.  I specified a URL to link to the content because the current specification seems to limit the amount of storage on the NFC tag, however, specs can change, and I might be a bit conservative on the amount of storage necessary, but with a ‘secure cloud’, the storage shouldn’t be a factor. Any information on the NFC tag can simply be pointers to unique keys to data in tables within the cloud, such as a VIN number, or other generated unique keys.

Accessory Matching

Imagine your in a store by yourself, and trying on an article of clothing, if the dress, pants or skirt contains an NFC tag, you can touch it with your smartphone, which links you to either advisors or AI,  perhaps sponsored by a fashion magazine, that may provide you with with ideas to match that article of clothing, such as complementary accessories.  This could be accomplished through a video camera, front facing camera, perhaps ads float across the bottom of the screen, and/or it could be a subscription service.

 Meeting People / Dating

If you find yourself in a crowed bar, or party, and want to exchange information with someone you just met,  you have an NFC tag or sticker placed on the back of your hand, or on your purse, when bumped, will automatically exchange a brief bio, picture, likes, interests, and an email address.  If your smartphone is GPS compatible, the data is loaded onto your smartphone with the captured NFC tag data in addition to the location, so you never ask, so where did I meet this guy again?

Supply Chain Management and Shortages

Every person in the supply chain from manufacturer to retailers may have an NFC tag embedded within their employee identification tag, and as each individual handles the product or package, they swipe their card to the other NFC tag, and their employee unique identifier, along with date time and location (optional) may be rewrite the tag to append the new information.  This may prevent product shortages, as well as help further optimize the supply chain.


CES Highlights: Artist? Buy My Card. NFC Business Card Storage for Music, Movies

Here is an Entertainment Industry Game Changer from Art, Books, Music, and Movies

At the show, I was talking to someone about a concept car coming out of Korea, and I happen to hear about this interesting Near Field Communications (NFC) Music Card that not only can store a song, or album of music, but if you use it to touch your Samsung S3 phone, for example, you will be able to transfer and play the music.  The concept car was about music, and happen to have an NFC on the dashboard.  The person demonstrated the business card which contained a music note, and the demonstrator told me they were popular in Korea, wild.  So from there, it should be practical to potentially store movies, and I couldn’t afford to get a Blu-ray player anyway, oh well.  I still am bummed.

Here are a few scenarios:

  • I am an artist, and I want to give you a demo of my art, music, or movies, so I had the art gallery dealer, music or movie distributor my card.
  • If these cards are so inexpensive, I don’t need the overhead (headcount, warehouse, production of the expensive medium such as a DVD or Blue-ray disk).  Presto, I just use a customized printer, cost effective, I am sure, to print out my own cards that are filled with my art, music or movies.  More jobs out the window, so where is Steve Jobs when you need him?  At least he was a job creator for retail, and an entire society driven to produce a product, the world got together and did something, wow, who would have thought people would work toward a common goal.
Entertainment NFC Card
Entertainment NFC Card

This is a close up of the card, that can fit in my credit card holder.

Yeah, that’s it for me from the show.  I could go into a whole host of other technology applications, but, I just won’t. All the best from Las Vegas at the CES International show.  Just like Lenka, “Enjoy” The Show…

CES Highlight: Low Cost Advertising, Marketing, & Education

At the show, I saw quite a few technologies that inspired me, one of the technologies for this article came right from Eureka Park from parWinr, Inc.based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Their slogan, “We will disrupt advertising, marketing and education!”  Brilliant,

Essentially, they’ve created an easy video editing tool that can take clips, and you can add the capability to produced finished videos that have questions associated with the videos, in essence, they’ve create the ability for the common amateur video content creator to:

  • Add ‘Bonus Materials’ for their core video content, which can be distributed by a wide array of channels, as well as WordPress, coming soon.
  • Create children’s educational videos, that ask questions about a clip they’ve just seen to enhance memory retention.  For example, an image is flashed on the screen for a few seconds, and then the child is asked multiple choice questions of what they have just seen,  That was an unintended use, of course.  The intended use was remote learning, and automation of learning.  They showed me an educational video that teaches basic math skills.  Could be used in a classroom, or remote learning.
  • In addition, they are planning on using the video to allow the amateur video content provider to create their own bonus materials, such as from a movie scene, answer a trivia question from a 10 second movie clip. Production studios, watch out.
  • Finally, these amateur content creators will publish videos through WordPress, and they’ve created their own channel of content.
ParWinr Console
ParWinr Console. Simple, and easy to use.

Consumer Electronics Show Highlights: Nervous during pregnancy, iBaby is for you.

My wife and I had children while we were young and again,when we were a bit older, tried and tried to have another child, and eventually we had Sam; however, it was quite nerve racking especially when some couples have miscarriages.  The entire pregnancy, some are quite nervous if everything is OK with the baby, especially at night, if you don;t feel the baby move.  Even when we were young, if my wife did not feel the baby, we got nervous, and stayed up at night until we felt a response from the baby.  Leave it to the technologists at iBaby Labs to put your mind at ease any time, day or night.

We had our 3rd baby a little later in life, and were quite nervous that the baby would be healthy because of our age.  We constantly listened and felt for heart beats early in the pregnancy, and were up some nights waiting for the baby to kick or move many a sleepless night.  The iBaby Heart Sense allows you to instantly hear the babies heart beat though your iPad.  Using simple Doppler technology, within seconds you can see and hear the babies heart beats, record them throughout the pregnancy, the software makes sure to record, and compare the babies progress throughout the pregnancy.  They also are able to display information relevant to your trimester, and you can correlate it back to your own experiences.  Kiss those sleepless nights goodbye waiting up to hear the baby and the nervousness that everything is OK until the baby kicks.  Now, if I have a 4th, iBaby HeartSense will come in real handy for myself and the baby.

2013-01-10 13.42.19

iBaby HeartSense
iBaby HeartSense

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