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Twilio, a well known Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) platform is now offering a highly customizable digital assistant called Autopilot. Autopilot, a digital assistant, offers voice recognition and listens for numbers entered from your phone. Autopilot can recognize your customer’s requests by correlating 100s of human utterance variations mapping to your customer’s explicit request.

I’m pleased to offer a customized solution that leverages Twilio’s Autopilot technology and/or other Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) to meet the needs of your clients. Some of the opportunities for Autopilot and (IVR) include:

  • Customer calls your main business line, and have an interactive session that quickly meets the needs of your customer.
  • Customers may go online to your web site and have the same/similar interactive experience with Autopilot.

Depending on the complexity of the solution, the cost may be as little as 75 USD to build the solution. Autopilot is currently in Beta.

Depending upon the volume of transactions, the custom activities performed, and the length of the call, the solution may cost as little as a few dollars a day.

Optional features of Autopilot include:

  • Interactive conversations to narrow down your customer’s request
  • Ability to send a text message to your customers. E.g. when their order is ready
  • Ability to integrate with your systems, such as payment solutions. E.g. pay for your client’s orders without human intervention
  • Interactive catalog [menu] of your products to narrow down clients’ selection, E.g. restaurant customer which can easily find what they want Pasta -> Baked Ziti
  • Interactive, personalized phone menu (IVR) allows for human voice or simulated male /female voice. Multilingual support available

Please contact me regarding your opportunity for a better, more valuable client experience.

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