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Another Episode of “What if…” Business, & Technology

The idea for the “What If…” Business, & Technology series for me, comes directly out of Marvel comics.  The comics ranged from “fictional” battles or plots that were so abstract and tangent that it was nearly impossible to happen other than in a “fictional” series in the Marvel Universe.   On the same premise, I will spin several titles and stories that will most likely not happen in the real world, but we will bring them to light and smile.
  •  Apple spins off its hardware businesses between desktop and mobile, and furthermore, spins its OS and software business from all hardware.  Each unit, in theory, will have a robust and direct focus to drive revenue to their areas.  We may see partnerships that would have never developed if these units were tied together.  Mobile iOS on OEM, 3rd party devices?   Dual boot Mac hardware for Linux and Mac OS out of the box.  Competing and evolving lines, between the iOS tablets, iPad verse the MacBook Air.
  • Surface RT, in my humble opinion, as a user, is a solid win right out of the gate, after price adjusted.  Microsoft building computers, smashing success, lets see a spin off subsidiary, with their sole focus on Surface RT.   OEM the OS, adjust the hardware as each vendor reimagines the Surface RT.  It was made for productivity by Microsoft.  How would it look by Sony, make.believe?  OEM, OEM, OEM.  It’s like the Chrome book.  Google was smart to partner with other hardware vendors, such as Samsung.
  • Every ‘frackin’ retail store and shopping mall, and optionally residence should have a plug in super charger for EVs (Electric Vehicles).  I read an article that there was a company that filed for bankruptcy that sold EV station chargers.  What an historic shame.  The federal government should offer a tax incentive of full payment of the cost of the EV Charger, hardware and service, PLUS a 1K tax rebate.  Each business and/or residence should be able to bill some margin over the electric cost as revolving compensation.  Every government car fleet must be required to purchase EVs when swapping out old vehicles, and upgrade to new vehicles.  It is pitiful what this government has put into half @55 moves to promote EVs.  The fuel powering vehicles could be whatever efficiency the power company decides in sourcing their power.
  • What happened to the coolness of Red  / rock band U2 custom iTouch players for music, and for a cause, Cancer, AIDS, Autism, whatever, pick a new sponsor every year and a new cause instead of just giving me another number and letter to drive sales (e.g 5C).  Bring coolness back to giving back.
  • What if every public WiFi proxy partnered with a cause, and every MB or KB exchanged (up and/or down), a donation of N cents would go to a charity sponsored in part by you with Google Wallet, PayPal, etc., and the business providing the free WiFi would match the donation as a tax write off?
    Tune in next time for more “What If…” episodes.

CES 2013 Show: Huawei, and iPhone 5S/U, or U for Unsatisfied

At the show they had a red phone under a glass case,and it looked top secret.  At first glance, when you approached the booth, the sales team seemed on the defensive about their product, and their placement in the marketplace, in the same arena as Samsung.  As the conversation progressed, a more relaxed approached began to take place, and they even took their phone out of the glass case for me.  I must say that they seem to be trying to bring their A Game with a Quad Core processor, Al be it 1.5 GHz, it was still an impressive device, and the specs may be found here.

We had a candid conversation, and I said to play in the global markets, they need to break the 4 GB barrier.  Apple has now stunned the mobile community with the 64 Bit processor to get ready to raise the roof on memory.  However, anyone who understands addressing, the 64 bit addresses will each take up more memory than their 32 bit counterpart, e.g. takes more memory to run each application, but if you have raised the amount of memory on the device, no problem.  Unfortunately, Apple iPhone 5S has not raised the memory but has implied the 64 bit processor is the first step, getting their OS, and developers ready to manage more memory.  I think it might have been in the cards but it’s too late.

Consequence, fewer applications may run in a 64 bit addressable processor without running out of memory in multi-threaded mode.  Here is an example register under the Windows Chip Architecture, not exactly apples and oranges, but the analogy is similar.

Win 32 v. 64


As a side note, back to the Asia market, here is an infographic which iterates through the opportunities in those consumer markets. Very interesting.

APJE Smartphone Vendor


Galaxy Gear: Samsung’s Watch Ready to Wear Soon

Galaxy Gear: Samsung’s big move to one-up Apple | Mobile – CNET News.

Looking at this article, I would consider another draw as a smashing success.  Looking at the analog clock mode on the watch, I would think if Samsung could partner with some of the best watch makers in the world to get unique designs, digitize them, and bring them to Samsung’s Watch Face, this would be a tremendous draw.  People often look at other people’s watches, and say, wow, face design.  It would’t be a stretch to get a few unique designs from some of these designers:

E-Commerce, Modeling, and Induction

Woman’s e-commerce in China I just mentioned in my previous tweet, has an awesome structure featuring previous customers in photos of the outfits they purchased to be included in the catalog along side the dress future buyers are considering, i.e. customers modeling the guide.

Thinking about it further, it would be ideal if one picture featured the mandatory PR code in the dress, then the secondary shots can show the article of the catalog modeled by a customer.  If a customer models an item, they should be offered a ‘glamour’ coupon of X percentage off every N purchase they model for the catalog, e.g. one coupon per modeling engagement.  Further tie in, should be auto advertising from the catalog on e.g. Facebook, i.e. specific demographics, meta data regarding the consumer and the catalog item would carve out the target audience for the advertisement dynamically incorporating an induction engine between the e-commerce catalog engine and the advertising system.