Bing Visual Search

Microsoft Raising the Bar on Image Recognition

Microsoft Bing has a feature that allows you to focus on one part of the image, and perform a more granular image search within a cropped portion of the image. The #Bing “Visual Search” feature will indicate within an image if the AI has identified one or more object matches within the selected image.

First, perform an image search in Microsoft Bing, and select one of the images. The below screen appears. Under the image, there is a button that says “Visual Search” as per highlighted by the red arrow. In some cases, there will be a numeric indicator next to the “Visual Search” text indicating possible, object matches within the “parent” image.

Bing Visual Search
Bing Visual Search

Next, select the “Visual Search” hyperlink WITH a numeric indicator next to the text as per above. Now the user may see a list of additional images that MAY appear similar to the “selected/cropped” object in the “Parent” image. The user may also change the cropped/selected section within the “Parent” image. It’s a brilliant idea. It may be of interest to roll back the curtains to see how in a sea of possible images, the feature selects the subset of images/objects.

Visual Search - After Selected
Visual Search – After Selected

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