Time Lock Access: Seal Files in Cloud Storage

Is there value in providing users the ability to apply “Time Lock Access” to files in cloud storage?  Files are securely uploaded by their Owner.  After upload no one, including the Owner, may access / open the file(s).   Only after the date and time provided for the time lock passes, files will be available for access, and action may be taken, e.g.  Automatically email a link to the files.  More complex actions may be attached to the time lock release such as script execution using a simple set of rules as defined by the file Owner.

Solution already exists?  Please send me a link to the cloud integration product / plug in.

One thought on “Time Lock Access: Seal Files in Cloud Storage”

  1. Did you found a solution for this?

    I have a use case: Sealed bids
    In the sealed bidding process, bid responses remain sealed until after the submission deadline has passed. The buyer is unable to review any bid responses until all vendors have submitted their bids. The aim of a sealed bid is to increase the fairness and transparency of the procurement process.

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