Maybe It’s Just My Gym? Where is my Digital Workout Assistant?

I just got back from my gym, and there were brand new machines.  So I was wondering where my digital workout assistant was on the machine.

RF tag on each weight, communicates with another RF tag on the machine with a UPC reader, and WiFi to the main hub so the gym can track your progress.

I envisioned a person walking up to a machine, passing their gym ID tag across the UPC machine, which registers them to ‘check in’ to the screen.  Then the person working out will setup their weight capacity, and start their reps.  Once the reps start, the RF tag on the maximum weight lifted, and passes that packed of data to the exercise machine’s main system, which stores all of their data until they ‘Check Out’ with their GYM ID to the UPC.  Also, if the person forgets to ‘check out’ either with the next ‘check in’ or with a timeout of inactivity, the data is sent to the main gymnasium via the WiFi, and optionally your Smartphone via an option NFC component on their workout machine, or through the main terminal once they are done with activity, and ‘Check Out’ from the gym.

This wil allow you to track your workout, get a pictorial view of how you are progressing, how often, as well the Gym may recommend, dynamically, how to adjust your plan based on your targeted goals for exercise.  But, maybe, just maybe it’s only my gym.


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