Protecting Your Pet with Facial and Voice Recognition

Here’s a story to chew on.  If there was a national database of both cat and dog facial images, as well as a sound bite of a bark or a purr, using both facial and voice recognition, this bioprint database can help you find and/or replace a lost pet.  First, take a biosignature or bioprint of your pet, download the bioprint to a microSD card, and insert the pet’s bioprint into it’s tag.  The tag is equipped with an emerging micro technology, a low power Bluetooth emerging technology.  Breeders as well as pet owners alike may use this feature for adoption, as well as identifying lost pets.

As a set of national hotspots are gradually equipped with low power Bluetooth emerging technologies, if possible, or smartphones equipped with Bluetooth, they can help identify the missing pet with an app that has access to the lost pet.  The owner would update their pet missing, and possibly update the database with a reward.  Monetary incentive, with the use of their cell phone, and the app, kids may canvas the neighborhood, and find the pet with their and the matching low power Bluetooth collar.  The bioprint confirms the authentication of the missing pet.

Hey, there’s also the possibility of replacing your pet with the best possible match. Creepy.

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