Bubble Head Bob Takes Dictation: Human Factors to Voice Recognition

As I continue to ponder why I am so adverse to text to speech, voice recognition, other than the issues I have with its inconsistent accuracy, needing to speak slowly at times, as well as crystal clearly articulate every word, without deviation, barring those issues, I still am having trouble relating to a machine.  Hold the jokes from the peanut gallery.  Yes, my Android phone, I find it difficult to talk to an app with a microphone on a screen, or an image of a piece of paper on a technical device.  Frankly, if the technical  issues went away, maybe, just maybe, I might talk to my phone.  I may be xenophobic to androids or a computer, robot, taking dictation.  I’ll have to add that to the list to talk to my therapist.  Is there an application anyone knows that has a bobble head, of various faces that will ask the questions, take, and repeat your last phrase to confirm, such as did you say, ‘that’ or ‘fat’, I don’t understand the context of the sentence. 

Add, a familiar, animated face to whom you would speak, as well as periodic word and sentence validation feature to Voice Recognition, text to speech dictation applications, and there might be more acceptance of these applications.  Too soon, too quick?

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