CES Highlight: Low Cost Advertising, Marketing, & Education

At the show, I saw quite a few technologies that inspired me, one of the technologies for this article came right from Eureka Park from parWinr, Inc.based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Their slogan, “We will disrupt advertising, marketing and education!”  Brilliant,

Essentially, they’ve created an easy video editing tool that can take clips, and you can add the capability to produced finished videos that have questions associated with the videos, in essence, they’ve create the ability for the common amateur video content creator to:

  • Add ‘Bonus Materials’ for their core video content, which can be distributed by a wide array of channels, as well as WordPress, coming soon.
  • Create children’s educational videos, that ask questions about a clip they’ve just seen to enhance memory retention.  For example, an image is flashed on the screen for a few seconds, and then the child is asked multiple choice questions of what they have just seen,  That was an unintended use, of course.  The intended use was remote learning, and automation of learning.  They showed me an educational video that teaches basic math skills.  Could be used in a classroom, or remote learning.
  • In addition, they are planning on using the video to allow the amateur video content provider to create their own bonus materials, such as from a movie scene, answer a trivia question from a 10 second movie clip. Production studios, watch out.
  • Finally, these amateur content creators will publish videos through WordPress, and they’ve created their own channel of content.
ParWinr Console
ParWinr Console. Simple, and easy to use.

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