Constructivism Education Theory, Advanced by a Turtle

I go into classrooms at my children’s schools, and they have amazing computer labs, magic boards, and so on.  What I don’t find is a simple program I used to understand the fundamentals of existence, simply by using spacial coordinates using a little turtle, and giving it spacial coordinates on a grid on a screen to move a turtle.  Sounds simplistic to implement, and ramifications minor, but it essentially shaped my mind in the world of logic and objects in coordinates in a spacial grid.  It was cute, easy pilot program for first graders in elementary school in a neighborhood in NYC. Looking back, the learning theory constructivism.  I admit that constructivism is a bit more complex, which goes into “ways that people create meaning of the world through a series of individual constructs.”  Reflecting back on my education and hobbies, I advanced in computers at a very early age, when computers were not generally available, and I believe that an application that can be written now by anyone in a day, if applied early enough in a child’s early development may lay the foundations for logical spacial existence, an object that moves through spacial coordinates with a cute little turtle, as my daughter wants a bunny rabbit for a pet, we’ll replace the turtle with a bunny for one of my daughters.

Now with the advancement of several companies adding computer glasses to their gadgets, one of the applications, possibly a pilot program, may allow the youths of the next generation of first graders can be even more advanced then I, and use these glasses to move their turtles, or rabbits, in 3 dimensions of space instead of just two.  The trick was not just to physically move the object in space using your hand, which you may do with these glasses, but you must say the x,y, and z coordinates and plus or minus 1, 2, or 3 spaces.  The object won’t budge, the student must say the correct spacial coordinates and moves to get the cute rabbit or turtle, to move to the objective location.  This would lay the foundation to a child’s understanding of a construct in N dimensional space.  I don’t know if these initial glasses will be tough enough to stand the brute force of a first grader, but it would be absolutely necessary to introduce this type of construct recognition at an early age, so it prepares them for more advanced topics and ultimately their place in the universe stretching all the way to college and their understanding of Philosophy and Existentialism.    Go Google, and Microsoft, and we may have a generation that can compete globally once again.

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