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Kids, Shut Off the Lights! Remember to Use your NFC Bracelets

I am constantly walking around the house shutting off lights.  Kids always forget to shut off lights.  I remember I was like that as a kid.  I remember hearing my parents say, we don’t own stock in the Electric company!  It happens every day, and I feel like saying I will take this out of your allowance. Kids never see the bottom line.  I know it sounds odd, but if they are able turn off and on lights in each room by touching an NFC bracelet to a small box on the side of the door, that sends a wireless signal to another box in a room, which is a power strip, and turns off and on the power based on the NFC bracelet trigger.  Then there is also a wireless signal that goes to a central small box in the house that is a PC, like a Raspberry Pi computer, stores who turned the lights on, and off, and charges the person in the house for the usage.  If someone else shuts off the lights for another person the electric charge will tick off for usage for the first person, and give the second person a percentage off their next electric usage.  You can get a really professional, and efficient system in place.  Is it worth it?  Corporations typically have motion sensors when you walk in a room, or are idle, the lights go on and off for efficiency.  So is all this tech worth it?