PostgreSQL / local database and SOA, mid tier for cloud solutions to improve performance

Business Technology

In an article I read from the NY Times, may be making a play to banish Oracle as a supported platform. However, the system which might be interesting would be a PostgreSQL, or in memory database, acts as a local cache for the transaction based system, clears the local database records/cache after it uploads […]

Freelance Streaming Video, Affiliate Advertising Innovation

Advertising Business Technology

As described in a previous post, see Streaming Video Freelance: Video Affiliate Network channels like Google Plus / YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Viveo (everything from bar impromptu jams to concert events), I did not mention all the little bits to avoid issues such as all faces of the audience either need to have realtime face […]

Google is Going to be the Next Public and Private Data Warehouse

Business Finance Technology

In an article I wrote a while back, Google to venture into Cloud, provide Open Source APIs, assist small businesses to be Cloud Solutions Integrators, I was talking in the abstract, but I saw on the Google site, buried way down their menus, under the ‘More’, and then select the ‘Even More’ option, and at the […]

Ebook Author Uses Stylus to Sign Cover of Ebook on Reader then sells and transfers book with NFC

Business Technology

So there are thse ‘Meet the Author’ gatherings at book stores.  Can the author sign a copy of their Ebook on the author’s Ebook reader, then sell the book to the customer. The transfer of the Ebook to the customer’s E-Reader happens by just touching the two Ereaders together using same tech like the Samsung […]

Google to venture into Cloud, provide Open Source APIs, assist small businesses to be Cloud Solutions integrators

Business Finance Technology

I am quite familiar with the Oracle and HP approaches of ‘owning the cloud stack’ and the Amazon Web Services approach which caters to all classes, cloud modules are interchangeable, and the arguments for both sides of the coin, one stop shop as a service, top tier clients verse the open APIs, partnering and interchangeability or plug […]

Windows Heat Map

Mobile User Interface: Heat Map will Focus Users’ Attention to their Priorities

Business Technology

The Windows Mobile User Interface (UI) reminds me of a project or program manager heat map report which will draw the attention of the viewer, at a high level, immediately to the most important or high priority areas of the project.  I don’t think a Heat Map is part of the Windows Mobile User Interface, […]

Fuel Gauge

Disrupt: Buy Gasoline as Units at Current Price on Loyalty Debit Card

Business Science Technology

Amazing this post is still very relevant as of June 17th, 2017 Electric and Gasoline Renaissance Overdue A legitimate reason IS NEEDED why in this day and age of commodities trading, storage, pipelines, trains, tankers, and trucks, why if I can buy stocks at current market value, or go on Ebay and buy 50 yards […]

Higher Education Falters: College and University Structure Radically Altered

Business Education Finance Technology

I was reading an article from the New York Times this morning, thinking about a news piece I heard on the radio regarding Education innovation, in combination with dropping my little brother off at his college campus dorm the other night, and instantly a quote from Moneyball appeared in my mind regarding the way Universities […]

Hotspot Companies Sell Smartphones and Data Plans, use Affiliate Networking to fill Gaps

Business Science Technology

I’m using my Samsung S3, which I throughly enjoy, but I am eyeing the new Nokia Lumina 920 with Windows 8, and not to mention my old fling with the iPhone 5, and I see an article that AT&T is now the largest hotspot provider.  I’m also eyeing the prices of these phones without a […]

Companies’ Fiber Infra Perform Quantum Computing Prior to Cloud, Elastic Computing Hub

Business Science Technology

A Qubit, a base unit in Quantum computing, representing several states simultaneously, as opposed to a bit, on or off, two states, got me thinking based on the New York Times article on the Australians developing a new class of Quantum Computer, plus the article on Google’s Fiber Project, and my conversation with a Verizon […]