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Uncommon Opportunity? R&D Conversational AI Engineer

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I had to share this opportunity.  The Conversational AI Engineer role will continue to be in demand for some time. Title: R&D Conversational AI Engineer Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ Duration: 6+ months Contract(with Possible extension) Responsibilities: Create Alexa Skills, Google Home Actions, and chatbots for various direct Client’s brands and initiatives. Work with the Digital Enterprises group to create […]

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Amazon’s Alexa vs. Google’s Assistant: Same Questions, Different Answers

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Excellent article by Byron Reese . Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home are the two most compelling products in the new smart-speaker market. It’s a fascinating space to watch, for it is of substantial strategic importance to both companies as well as several more that will enter the fray soon. Why is this? Whatever device you outfit your […]


Amazon and Microsoft Drinking their own AI Chatbot Champagne?

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A relatively new medium of support for businesses small to global conglomerates becomes available based on the exciting yet  embryonic [Chabot] / Digital Agent services.   Amazon and Microsoft, among others, are diving into this transforming space.  The coat of paint is still wet on Amazon Lex and Microsoft Cortana Skills.   MSFT Cortana Skills Kit is not […] User Interface

Evaluating Chatbot Powered By Google Forms: AI Digital Agent?

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Interesting approach to an AI Chatbot implementation.  The business process owner creates one or more Google Forms containing questions and answers, and converts/deploys to a chatbot using  All the questions for [potential] customers/users are captured in a multitude of forms.  Without any code, and within minutes, an interactive chatbot can be produced and deployed […]

Evaluating Amazon Lex – AI Digital Agent / Assistant Implementation


Evaluating AI chatbot solutions for: Simple to Configure – e.g. Wizard Walkthrough Flexible, and Mature Platform e.g. Executing backend processes Cost Effective and Competitive Solutions Rapid Deployment to XYZ platforms The idea is almost anyone can build and deploy a chat bot for your business, small to midsize organizations. Amazon Lex Going through the Amazon […]

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Beyond Google Search of Personal Data – Proactive, AI Digital Assistant 


As per previous Post, Google Searches Your Personal Data (Calendar, Gmail, Photos), and Produces Consolidated Results, why can’t the Google Assistant take advantage of the same data sources? Google may attempt to leapfrog their Digital Assistant competition by taking advantage of their ability to search against all Google products.  The more personal data a Digital […]

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Using Google to Search Personal Data: Calendar, Gmail, Photos, and …


On June 16th, 2017,  post reviewed for relevant updates. Reported by the Verge,  Google adds new Personal tab to search results to show Gmail and Photos content on May 26th. Google seems to be rolling out a new feature in search results that adds a “Personal” tab to show content from [personal] private sources, like your […]

Kosher ‘Like’ Certifications and Oversight of Autonomous Vehicle Implementations

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Do AI Rules Engines “deliberate” any differently between rules with moral weight over none at all. Rhetorical..? The ethics that will explicitly and implicitly be built into implementations of autonomous vehicles involves a full stack of technology, and “business” input. In addition, implementations may vary between manufacturers and countries. In the world of Kosher Certification, […]


Seven Interview Screening Questions for an Agile, Project Manager

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It seems like only yesterday… I was on the other side of the table, asking interview screening questions to perspective project manager candidates.  Here are seven interview screening questions I was asked earlier this week for an Agile, PM role, and my answers. Background: I’d consider myself an Agile Project Manager rather than a Scrum […]

Microsoft to Release AI Digital Agent SDK Integration with Visio and Deploy to Bing Search

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Build and deploy a business AI Digital Assistant with the ease of building visio diagrams, or ‘Business Process Workflows’.  In addition, advanced Visio workflows offer external integration, enabling the workflow to retrieve information from external data sources; e.g. SAP CRM; Salesforce. As a business, Digital Agent subscriber,  Microsoft Bing  search results will contain the business’ AI […]