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Cloud Storage and DAM Solutions: Don’t Reign in the Beast

Are you trying to apply metadata on individual files or en masse, attempting to make the vast  growth of cloud storage usage manageable, meaningful storage? Best practices leverage a consistent hierarchy, an Information Architecture in which to store and retrieve information, excellent. Beyond that, capabilities computer science has documented and used time and time again, checksum […]

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Scrum Life Cycle

Project Change Management, Microsoft Solutions

Project Facilitators, Managers, and Stakeholders, please read on… If you’ve been charged with managing project changes, there are many Microsoft solutions that may be used by a wide array of users with varying degrees of technical experience.  Word When the project team members are not comfortable with “technology”, MS Word may be as adventurous as you […]

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Wireless Carriers: Data Only Plans

Is there any traction on ‘Data Only’ wireless plans which augment your primarily carrier? E.g. when you reach the allocated capacity of the primary plan, one of N secondary wireless providers may be selected ‘on the fly’ or in  settings.  Each wireless provider may offer their own competitive ‘data only’ plan.  The subscriber may choose […]

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Entertainment Portals

Entertainment Portals: Streaming VOD and Live Broadcasts, Games, News

Netflix is a subscription-based film and television program rental service that offers media to subscribers via Internet streaming. Amazon Instant Video is an Internet video on demand service. It offers television shows and films for rental or purchase.  Selected titles offered free to customers with Amazon Prime subscription. Bland definitions of what is formulating to be entertainment […]

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Make Finding a Movie Just as much Fun as Watching it.

Content is king.  It seems to be resonating throughout the Entertainment universes.  Fantastic!  Content creators managing their content through licensing, and through their own distribution channel(s). The creation of short clips to entice viewers.   Of course, navigation to view content on a revolving carousel. The entertainment industry has had successful initiatives in marketing their own content. and […]

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