3D Faxing by AIO Robotics Review

AIO Robotics jumps into unchartered territory, 3D Faxing, reports Mashable, and this all in one device with 3D scanning, printing, and Faxing has major inhibitors to implementation based on current Faxing technology.  Currently, if you want to fax a document, or print to fax from your computer, your machine just calls and faxes the document.  One barrier is implementation of authentication security added to the receipt of 3D fax data.  The recipient may receive 3D fax data either through print to fax, computer data from 3D drawing programs, or a direct 3D scanning to fax data.   This 3D data should not go directly to your 3D printing buffer, but must be approved by the recipient of the fax.  You want to control what you 3D print for both security and cost concerns.  The raw materials are more expensive relatively to paper fax, and the user must have control of 3D material use.  Additionally, the devices produced have the potential to be dangerous, and a liability concern.  Therefore, an approval process needs to be imbedded in the fax receiving buffer, so the 3D data can be saved and not printed upon receipt, printed, or discarded entirely.

There was also the concept of OCR for faxed or scanned documents.  I wonder what meta data can be collected based on the scanning of a 3D object.

Shopify Launches Point-Of-Sale System To Unify Online And Brick-And-Mortar Retail | TechCrunch

Shopify Launches Point-Of-Sale System To Unify Online And Brick-And-Mortar Retail | TechCrunch.

Interesting tie in to unify Brick and Mortar Retail and online presence.  The combined POS System and the Online storefront may continue to join and align, and the store sales associate may use this platform as an opportunity to expand their capabilities, providing instant access to inventory, enabling the sales associate to present alternative to product accessories, and core products based on template models, and the whole catalog of stock inventory.

Report: Apple testing 64-bit iPhone processor with a “motion tracking” chip — Tech News and Analysis

Report: Apple testing 64-bit iPhone processor with a “motion tracking” chip — Tech News and Analysis.

The 64 Bit Chip would certainly make the mobile race interesting. Having a like for like comparison of processing speed, with a similar app on Android, Apple, and Microsoft Mobile operating systems would be ideal, and the results published.

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There are AT LEAST Two Sides to Every Photo

With Frontback, there are two sides to every iPhone photo | Internet & Media – CNET News.

This article, along with an article in the New York Times that describes the 3-D printer company MakerBot, which entered the market this week  for 3D scanning, and introduced a desktop device called the Digitizer provided me with an epiphany, reading about the Digitizer, there may be a way to make a light weight version of the Digitizer, use a smartphone as the primary camera input, and the other components have Bluetooth integrated to communicate with the smartphone, as well as a slide case to hold the phone steady.  The turntable and two lasers are components that communicate with the smartphone camera and app. that reads in the 3D scanner data recorded.  Pow, mobile 3D scanning.

“The $1,400 Digitizer looks a little like a classic record player, but with lasers. It rotates small objects on a turntable near two lasers and a camera to create a three-dimensional model that can then be reproduced by a 3-D printer. “

The other way I would innovate this technology, instead of a portable 3D Digitizer to record a 3D object, you may be able to take a full 360 degree panoramic picture with a turntable, Bluetooth communication, a base to set your phone, and a bit of patience, similar to the Mars rover panoramic picture.

Google Chromecast Review – Watch CNET’s Video Review

Google Chromecast Review – Watch CNET’s Video Review.

Video Streaming from major distributors for 35 USD?  Wow!  Too bad not all TVs are equipped with USB, but close enough that all new TVs seem to have them.  My cable box has USB input, so I wonder.  Nah, probably won’t work.  Please Motorola?  Google owns Motorola and so, although enabled by the media channel distribution network, USB could be an easy sell to turn on, the cable box hardware manufacturer to the media channel distributor, e.g.  cable company. Oh, yeah, FYI – my cable box is made by Motorola.

Barter Functionality on Point of Sale Devices

Highly configurable Point of Sale (POS) device, when the words “Is it OK to charge you XXX.XX USD, Yes or No, you may select NO, and then a barter process may start. For example, if the total purchase price is above a certain threshold, e.g. 100 USD, their store loyalty card has N number of previous transactions from you, and the items in the cart are specified that there is additional margin to ‘remove’, the POS may display an alternate amount to charge the customer, a bartered price, cutting into the store margin for each item. However, based on the frequency of the shopper, the total price of the cart, and the amount of margin that is available to be removed, or shaved off, an alternate price may be displayed to the shopper.


Advertising Publisher Networks Make a Splash

Advertising Publisher Networks, A.P.N.s, are able to dynamically produce a splash page by ‘My Advertisers’ e.g. for your blog, so in addition to in-line advertising, a sponsors’ page may be dynamically produced, and all your advertisers may have their logo put in the splash page. In addition, the logo may be sized on the page relative to the CPC payout.  Each logo icon will have links to the companies or products being advertised.

Write Once, Run to Anywhere with Java and any Mobile OS

In a collaborative effort by the mobile industry to have more applications run on their platforms, the mobile OS vendors will provide a Java Virtual Machine, or JVM,  with OS builds, and additionally enable their SDKs with the ability to ingest and create jar files so the code may be tweaked per OS platform.  This move by the mobile industry is seen as a huge win for the vendors trailing in the market place, but it is deemed as an overall win for the industry. HTML 5 will need to wait a little longer on the promise to unify platforms.