Under Code, Apps Would Disclose Collection of Data – NYTimes.com

Under Code, Apps Would Disclose Collection of Data – NYTimes.com.

I do not believe the disclosure of consumer information collected by mobile applications to provide mobile app transparency should be the only disclosure channel of consumer data collected.  I think that all of the web browsers should have an option to see, for the current web site, or application, the chart, or similar as mentioned in the NYT article, which is similar to nutrition details of food from the FDA.  That would allow for a majority of the disclosure, and would satisfy the consumer lobby groups.

Consumer collected data from all electronic sources should be disclosed in a simple manner similar to the ingredients label from the FDA.


Holograms, bio-sensors will change how you shop: Intel – Behind the Storefront – MarketWatch

Holograms, bio-sensors will change how you shop: Intel – Behind the Storefront – MarketWatch.

I saw a similar technology earlier in the year at the CES 2013 show.  It was very appealing to visualize the object in three dimensions.  They were advertising it as another store case; however, as the article arrives at the same conclusion I did, although it is a nice to have in the store, it would give a significant advantage to the home shopper.  I am not sure that the price point, at least at the CES 2013 show was amenable to the everyday shopper at home;  however, if, for example, you joined a program, like an Amazon Prime, where you were a frequent shopper, it would be worth the value for the vendor to provide you the 3D hologram display for either a small lease fee, or available to the consumer for a small security deposit fee, to be provided back once the unit is no longer of use to the shopper.

Maybe It’s Just My Gym? Where is my Digital Workout Assistant?

I just got back from my gym, and there were brand new machines.  So I was wondering where my digital workout assistant was on the machine.

RF tag on each weight, communicates with another RF tag on the machine with a UPC reader, and WiFi to the main hub so the gym can track your progress.

I envisioned a person walking up to a machine, passing their gym ID tag across the UPC machine, which registers them to ‘check in’ to the screen.  Then the person working out will setup their weight capacity, and start their reps.  Once the reps start, the RF tag on the maximum weight lifted, and passes that packed of data to the exercise machine’s main system, which stores all of their data until they ‘Check Out’ with their GYM ID to the UPC.  Also, if the person forgets to ‘check out’ either with the next ‘check in’ or with a timeout of inactivity, the data is sent to the main gymnasium via the WiFi, and optionally your Smartphone via an option NFC component on their workout machine, or through the main terminal once they are done with activity, and ‘Check Out’ from the gym.

This wil allow you to track your workout, get a pictorial view of how you are progressing, how often, as well the Gym may recommend, dynamically, how to adjust your plan based on your targeted goals for exercise.  But, maybe, just maybe it’s only my gym.


Don’t Mock MOOC. Taking MOOC to the Next Level.

Today, I wanted to take a course in thinkorswim, thinkscripting.  I wanted to take an on line course because of cost and convenience.  I wanted to sign up and take this relatively obscure topic interactively.   A virtual MOOC board listing student requirements and trainer course topic availability on a Google Plus page, and associate it with Google hangouts modified to enable MOOC [e.g. public hangout], with a cost workflow for course signup.

Google Plus MOOC Page

Mandatory Service for Your Smartphone: Change the Oil Please

As a way to continue to sell into their existing channel, as well as retain their existing customer base, I might try a sales/marketing strategy if I was a wireless carrier, which would bring in existing customers every six months into the store.

Analogous to an oil change for your car, or mandatory service, I would require existing customer base into a participating wireless carrier partner to perform the following on the existing user’s smartphone:

  •  Check the performance of the smartphone upon existing ‘idle conditions’, and determine if there are any application [services] are required to run by querying the user, and uninstalling any currently unused applications.
  • Check the performance of the smartphone upon start up, and see if there are any performance enhancement tools can be installed to the smartphone to help curb the usage of the memory and CPU cycles.  Company may advocate new third party products for the smartphone platform.
  • Depending upon the timing and the available deals, company may advocate any third party peripheral products, such as a car charger,or an male to male jack to plug the sound into your car to play music; a Bluetooth headset, or help connect your phone to your cars existing Bluetooth system.
  • Depending upon the timing and the available deals, company may advocate for an upgrade to the existing smartphone, either the Operating System or the hardware.
  • The company may try to sell another line into the package; i.e. sell additional lines, or new features that may be available at the current time, or conversion from a single to a family / multiple line package.

Business Model of Video Streaming, such as Netflix, a Blended Model

Based on a user’s request, I am going to review the Business Model of a Video Streaming company, such as Netflix, which is a blended firm that includes both streaming and Mail-in Library Rentals.

The video streaming (VS) company negotiates with the video distribution (DC) companies that have the rights to distribute certain content on specific mediums.   The video streaming companies are looking for the content that may provide the most subscribers i.e. based on the access to the DC’s content library, the number of accessed videos from the license defined, as well as the refresh rate accessing new/more content from the DC’s library.  The licensing deal which the video streaming and distribution content companies may last for one or more years, locking the royalties model for a given period of time.  For the cost model of the Video Streaming service to do business must include the cost of the platform to build and maintain the video streaming service, as well as the marketing and sales to attract and maintain customers.  The net of subscriber fees must exceed the cost that was portrayed above.

In a blended model, i.e. Netflix mail service,   the net of the cost to acquire and maintain the content mush exceed the license fees for distribution of the content.  Components of the cost include postage for mailing the discs, replacements for the scratched Discs, etc.

The costs included in each service must exceed the subscription fees collected or the model is not profitable.  In Netflix case, to raise capital they used both private funding and publicly traded stock.  Any more details required, please contact me, and I will provide them.  Thank you.

It would be great to see, in the future, a web platform, that enables small production and distribution studios that put up for bid a licensing fee deal on an eBay type platform, which will drive the highest price for acquisition of sole distribution for their library.   The free movies may be displayed on YouTube, or another source, as marketing for their library, then pulled once the library license deal is done.



Bloomberg initiates Driverless, Electric Vehicle(EV) Lane on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, NYC

Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg had been rumored to have started a stealth works project on New York Cities’ Belt Parkway.  It has already launched with private seed money intent at setting up the company to run the project.  It is initially going to be a private and public joint effort to add an additional lane to the Belt Parkway, currently two lanes, and runs through the Borough of Brooklyn.  The intent of this new lane is to be used solely by electric cars (EV), as well as driver-less  vehicles.  This new, bold experiment, rumor has it, is to be announced at the cities IT expo later in the year.

Although companies like Google, Chevy / GM, and Verizon are salivating privately regarding the potential contract opportunities, they are staying at bay until the announcement later this year.  It is also rumored this project includes a share and ride program, with automated transportation housing system for the vehicle storage.

Those close to the story would not articulate if this ambitious program is directed more toward clean energy and saving money for the state, or if this is a larger political move to step into the national arena for Bloomberg.]

NFC Patch for Sun Tanning

Just like there are patches to quit smoking, coming soon,  there is a waterproof patch with an NFC chip to enable you to gauge your appropriate level of sun tan.  This patch will observe the level of sun rays passing through the patch as well as the portion of the patch that let’s no rays through.  It will then determine the delta, including pigment changes, as well as other attributes in your epidermis that change, then provide day on day changes to measure and alert to sustain a pigmentation level of desired effect from the companion smartphone application.  Prevent or cause cancer but you do get a fashionable tan.

Phone & Utility Bill, Streaming TV and Software Subscriptions, what next?

Software as a Monthly Rental by the New York Times

This article is excellent in a variety of ways, first it points out that software companies are moving toward a monthly or annual software rental.  In fact, both Microsoft and Adobe have added rental subscription models for their Office and Photoshop software suites.  For Adobe, it was a huge step, because not only are they renting the software, that is the only option, you can’t buy Photoshop, and must rent it.  For the photo creative types, Photoshop is the defacto software for editing and refining photos.  They also coined the term CC, Creative Cloud, although in no way, shape or form is it a cloud, and will just put up a barrier for people trying to understand what a cloud is.  They connect to the Internet every month to check if the license is up to date, calls the mother ship, and if not, they can’t use the write version of the software.

Clever if you ask me.  The NYT article writer says on average, small shops that just use Photoshop and don’t use Adobe’s other products, or don’t upgrade regularly, will see a steep cost increase.  People who only need the product periodically will have the latest software, always, and / or can try or use the software adhoc, not needing the software on an ongoing basis.  I would certainly like to see more software companies following this model.  If more software followed this model for all their products, i.e. monthly subscription, I would try more and more software. It’s amazing how a new business model will open up avenues of opportunities.

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