AMD and Dell to Partner on Alienware Smartphone: 8 x 1.9 GHz Cores with 4 GB RAM

In an unorthodox move by Dell, they partner up with AMD to produce a smartphone that is on par with their Alienware computers, and is to be included in their line, glowing Alien on the back and all.

The new phone, yet to be disclosed the project name, Alienware Smartphone will take the smartphone to their highest computational limits on the market today, so you should expect the device to have top of the line cameras, NFC, Bluetooth, removable battery, MicroSD, and it will be an unlocked phone.  That’s right, since so many carriers are starting to up the price and perform less subsidization, and require longer contracts, other carriers, such as T-Mobile are allowing bring your own phone, and their customers not obligated to contract.  They are also promoting paying full retail for phones, and including the phone in the monthly cost.

Dell Alienware hardware traditionally comes with high quality, but with a high price tag, so don’t expect any bargains, but do expect a blazing fast phone.

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TV Providers Give Away Thin Client Tablets, with Video Streaming Only

It’s an interesting concept, where your television or video provider, when you sign up with them, gives you light weight, thin client tablets that are capable of few commands, e.g. such as changing channels.  The hardware for these tablets have minimum CPU and RAM requirements, just enough to perform quality video stream, but little multitasking or app execution.  In essence your television provider throws in very inexpensive, limited capability televisions, i.e tablets, so the whole family can watch whatever they want via WiFi through their own or on the go, vastly distributed, hot spots around your state, and their WiFi, Hot Spot domain.   Everyone can watch their own channel, and as in other articles I’ve mentioned, they could watch their own perspective of the same show, such as we have seem in the media where European Soccer will have multiple channels of views to cover the same event, i.e. they will have multiple video cameras filming and broadcasting showing a different view of ‘the game’.  So if a group of people are hanging around on a couch watching the game, the main view could be on the big television, while each person in the room has a thin client tablet watching their own view of the game.

It may be not far off in the distant future, that hot spot providers charge a lease fee to other providers, just like we had leased cell towers to cover the gaps, almost a roaming type situation, but for hot spots, before we go to a wide area coverage, such as N. America.


California Motor Units Adopt Google Glass with Schwarzenegger Fanfare

As a step to pacify all of the mocking around Google Glass, the current Governor of California,Jerry Brown, in conjunction with Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a gag to allude to the Terminator movies, will announce later in the year that a motor unit, or police motorcycle, will use Google Glass with plate and face recognition systems to help them identify and if necessary detain suspects for outstanding warrants.  The specific city identified for this program has yet to be specified.

Google Offers Partner Program Incentives for Google Glass

It is rumored that Google will offer a partner program with incentives that allow a user to look at an object, recognize the object, and overlay or mock up the object.  This opens up amazing possibilities for partners, pushes sales for Google Glass, and it’s partners.

As an example, if a user walks up to a Redbox and looks at the device, one of two possibilities are true, if the third party vendor is not a partner, Google will provide an advertisement for competitive partner offerings like it’s own service.  If breakfast cereals partner with Google Glass, as you walk down the isle in your local market, you might see an overlay on some of the boxes, a piece to an invisible puzzle, if you buy all the boxes,and send the proof of purchase and the puzzle pieces, then you are entered in a contest to win ….

The overlay or mock up of a real world object with a virtual object  has limitless potential, all types of retail objects, even people walking on the street using Google Glass may see a tee shirt differently than you because there is a special print image and message that associates with the shirt.  Advertising, contests, promotions, and goofy tee-shirts are just the beginning.

Where is My .fon Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)? .tel doesn’t cut it.

Every phone number in the world should have an IP address and a domain name associated with it, hence the gTLD proposal for .fon for every phone number.  Things like us.emergency.fon = 911 would be possible.   In addition, a group of cloud vendors would be awarded management of sections of these domains, which may be aligned to the phone number carrier, or if they don’t have the capability, they can ‘sell’ or ‘lease’ out the resource to a third party Internet Provider and Cloud Vendor, similar to the way we sell mortgages, or the mortgage companies sell off our mortgage.

Not only would the service of management of the domain name correlated to an IP address and a phone number, but each IP would have a virtual image managed in the cloud, which could provide to the consumer, cloud storage for storing public and private documents, as well as a ‘home page’, cloud computing cycles for the consumers public and private applications, as well as enabling the services: VoIP, text and email messaging.

These services may be provided free for some basic subset, and the extended subset would charge the customer, e.g. for additional cloud storage space.  In addition, the client may choose to move their service to another provider.  A public index.html home page, and a private index.html home page could be created, so a person may design their own portal, e.g. containing widgets, frequently used numbers, news widgets, etc.  These pages scale downward to a mobile device or up to a high resolution image, e.g. addressable HD television.

Parse, Index, and Playing Music in the Cloud

In other articles I’ve mentioned audio indexing of most frequently used words in podcasts and videos, and now I am saying this sexy growing hashtag applies to music tracks now playing, as an example, someone plays a song in their cloud player, the lyrics are already parse and indexed for the song, so the Amazon cloud player already can provide the lyrics that are most used, and produce a cloud of tags, more used are bigger.  Then overlapping that they are able to give the index across all songs now playing, so now we have a dynamic tag cloud with words from lyrics getting bigger, and smaller as they are played in their cloud player.

The user is also able to click a word and drill down to get a list of all the songs currently playing with the lyric word.  One caveat, some songs group words together,  so it might not make sense out of context.  Amazon could apply some rules in the AI engine that specify if certain lyrics are grouped together, then they constitute one tag.

This feature would be another great way to diacover new songs for the music aficionado.

An extension of this is to get the music sound foot print, sound waves from tracks, and overlay with songs now playing, so if you like the beat or rhythm of a song, you can listen to other songs with similar rhythm or beats now playing, another way to find new songs. The matching rhythm can be an automatic shuffle filtered by genre, if specified.

Stock Shock Headliners for Plausible Yet Untrue Headlines

This post contains factious  news headlines about companies I currently hold stock, and are not meant to be degrading, or cause harm to any company or brand.  They are for pure entertainment purposes only.  Which ones do you think are plausible, hysterical, or insulting?  Comments appreciated. (CRM) teams up with T-Mobile and their spokesperson, that spunky lady on the motorcycle to give their salesforce customers an integrated mobile solution for the salesperson on the go.

Accenture (ACN) teams up with the CIA and MI5 to put a management consulting presentation together for the United Nations of how the world can be run more efficiently.  They gave an exceptionally low, fixed price bid, with a mix of management consultants onshore, near shore, and offshore. (AMZN) had everyone amazed as they picked up their headquarters and moved to the Amazon.  The board felt the surroundings would bring a better work / life balance for the employees.

The America Express Company (AXP) launched a new campaign teaming up with Google (GOOG) called the Chrome card.  All spending using Google Play earned 2 points for every dollar spent.

In a series of moves, Apple (AAPL) felt Amazon’s move was ambitious and wanted to follow suit, picked up shop and moved to the big apple, New York City.

Bank of America (BAC) acquired JP Morgan Chase (JPM) in a continual series of acquisitions neither company could afford, but hey, it’s America, and we run a deficit.

BlackBerry (BBRY) in an effort to rebrand it’s products and again gain corporate marketshare, named it’s new line the poison pill.  Many companies are flocking to this new device in droves.

Cisco (CSCO) join up with General Dynamic (GD) and Walt Disney (DIS) to produce a super new ride that allows the rider to drive a HMMWV or shoot the mounted BGM-71 TOW at abandoned tanks on the new Test Track course.


Equity Disclosure WordPress Plugin

I’ve worked with someone from to bring you the Equity Disclosure WordPress Plugin.  I’ve submitted this plugin to WordPress, and they have accepted it.  I think it is important for a writer to disclose their bias.  You may download, and install it manually here or from WordPress here. Warning: support is limited, we take no liability in the use of the program.  Happy blogging, and disclose your biases.

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The Addiction, The Thinker: Compute Processing and the Human Condition

True story: I am in a therapy group for depression, and why am I depressed?  I think I am about to rediscover the major issue in past, present and hopefully future societies. I have a problem, an addiction, but not to speed, or any other kind of illegal narcotic. It’s raw processing power, compute cycles, random access memory, storage, that is my speed, and I constantly want more, but is this just my problem, or a human condition?

This morning, I was hungry, not for breakfast, but at first, it was a faster phone.  Should I upgrade to the Samsung S4 before my contract is up?  I wanted more, and I thought of ways beyond measure how to get more, more computing speed, at first pure physics, and mechanical.  Then I looked toward nature, and wanted to draw from processes in nature that were able to compute at faster speeds, then I thought of integration, ok, pull back. I was hungry, and now beyond rational thought.  I went back and thought of crunching the ways I could tune a computer, a mobile device to maximize throughput, but that wasn’t enough, I needed to have the raw processing power locally, I needed to feel connected, right out of the first Star Trek Movie, that connection.  I was where the road met the rubber room so to speak.  It was nonsense, but I stopped and thought, what if we could do that, where would it end, just like an mountain that you could never quite climb high enough, and then, if, the unattainable was attainable, what would we then do with this power?

The question, that blinking cursor of the 1980s, and the movie War Games, brilliant.  The artificial intelligent learning machine analogy, and it could do just about anything, but all it eventually wanted to do was its basic function, what made it fall in ‘love’ with thinking in the first place, it wanted to play a nice game of chess.  It realized through the pain of a simple game of tic tac toe, there would be never enough wins or losses.  Not to play would be the timesaver, and the only joy it had, what it would not waste it’s time on, is what it loved, it’s abstract connection, that leap of faith that we all make, what we fall in love with for no logical reason we could phantom, and it’s that love of that game, the original game, that men fall in love with, and that my friend, is women, children, the human connection.

So, go to bed and rest easy knowing, there is only the climb, as they say in the Game of Thrones, the arts, the abstract love, that we all will fall in love, understanding of the human aspects of the inexplicable, art, music, pleasure, pain, sorrow, and joy.  Celebrate the arts because the sciences are way too boring when it’s all been done by societies, in the past.

Text Me Back the Customer Service Representative ID, Please

Are you ever on the phone with the customer service representative, and you would like the ability to send back a message regarding your interaction, and maybe a good message, e.g., this was a great customer service representative, and they should be commended; or I spoke to ‘Sally’ on 5/2; sorry sir, I have no record of that conversation.

Why doesn’t all companies text us to our smartphone the representatives ID, and an identifying identification number for the record of the conversation?  Too easy? Probably.