Google Apps Competes with Nvidia in the Game as a Service Market

I first saw Nvidia’s new GaaS offering at CES 2013.  It has tremendous for game developers as well as players alike.  I then had a looking at the Google Apps Marketplace, and there seemed to be a hole in their Product offerings, no gaming, which is a huge market.  At the moment, it seems geared toward business and education   Many of these applications can integrate into the Google Plus environment, such as Google Plus hangouts, amazing multiple user, technology platforms.

The integration of games seems like a logical step.  If the top installs list has the first product containing ~600 reviews, we know it is a relatively new platform. Also, from the trade papers, I understand Google designs it’s own servers with a lot of mystery around the proprietary technology of their data center server technologies.  One difference, between Nvidia and Google, although, if the technology output, resolution and speed of the games for the players, and the simplicity of the API, or programmer access to the high performance hardware is transparent, then both offerings may be competitive.  Time will tell.

Nvidia web site definition of GaaS:

NVIDIA GRID is the foundation for the ideal on-demand gaming as a service (GaaS), providing tremendous advantages over traditional console gaming systems.

  • Any-device gaming: High-quality, low-latency, multi device gaming on any PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or TV.

  • Click-to-play simplicity: Anytime access to a library of gaming titles and saved games in the cloud. Play or continue games from any device, anywhere.

  • Less hassle: No new hardware. No complicated setup. No game discs. No digital downloads. No game installations. No game patches.

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