Rise and Fall of One of My Favorite Yogurt Shops

Eighteen Months.  Our store had innumerable toppings and a wide selection of yogurt, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to sustain them.  They lasted just eighteen months.  They tried to expand their offerings, trying to become a niche coffee shop as well.  In addition to yogurt, a good cup of coffee awaits, and relax on one of their cozy chairs or couches.  In short, their failure like most businesses, their monthly expenses exceeded their revenue, and their seed money ran out.

A common story, a commoditized product, Mobile Software, Pizza, or Yogurt, and a hopeful proprietor executes on their business model, makes and sells product(s), in hopes of becoming independently wealthy.  Attempting to sustain his/her business model, their revenue exceeding their monthly expenses, and all to common a story, business operations cease because this dream is extinguished by the cold harsh reality.  Seed money has run out, and the expenses exceed monthly revenues.

Why start a business: a visionary and massive potential energy. A person that is driven by that vision and is not swayed  by the probability of potential success.  I tip my hat to those visionaries that try and try again until they succeed or loose the capacity to try.

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