Key to Success for Content Providers Offering Stand-Alone Web Subscription Services

CBS to Offer Stand-Alone Web Subscription Service –

The distribution channel must provide unique content through their channel or they run the risk of being a commodity rights owner that is only providing archived content.

Amazon brought it home for me when they hosted a single pilot produced by a partner production group. If the test markets had strong viewer ratings, more episodes can be ordered.

This will turn the dial from just an archive distribution rights platform ‘business model’, eventually a commodity, to a creative media value added service. This shifts the focus to creative content along the brand focus.

  • CBS produces or sponsors a pilot episode. CBS then advertises, short on air promos, web ads for the target demographic methods, etc. CBS gauges the popularity of the show. If market demand is strong, the provider can order more episodes.
  • Content providers can also provide unique content from their existing proprietary, content. ‘Web subscription only’ series episodes, available through their web subscription service.


Netflix, Pushing Regional Content: Shooting at Texas

An option that Netflix is considering is to leverage their Content Delivery Network (CDN) regional servers to position regional specific programming desired by that region to their target audiences.

As an example, packaging regional content that may be desired may help sell services into that region.

Amazon Cloud Services uses their Shipping Logistics to Build and Ship

Amazon leverages its existing shipping and logistics knowledge and applies it to a new cloud resource, a 3D Printer.

Using Amazon’s platform, a user can connect through Amazon’s cloud services, lock a shared cloud resource, a 3D printer, feed the printer one of several formats: 3D blueprint, 3D digital scan, or industry spec file format.  The object is then printed out, and shipped using Amazon’s shipping logistics engine.

Make the object you want and Amazon will ship it to you.  How much does it cost? Cost of materials used to produce the object is quantified and charged, in addition to a cloud [resource] usage fee, and potentially discounted shipping based on Amazon’s current scale.

As the service is matured, design tools, basic and advanced, will be provided to produce your designed object.  Only your imagination, and capability to express it limits your ability along with Amazon to deliver your products.

At some point, a seller can have a storefront, where objects can not only be shipped, but build on demand as well.  For example, circuit boards can be sold now, with the above engine and service, from a seller with the proper schematics.


Netflix Brings in Unique Content through Brand Alignment Deals

It has been announced that Netflix will utilize several Marvel Comics / Universe content to broadly expand their unique streaming offering.  However, we will now look to see the new user interface to provide additional guidance for future potential content of it’s viewers.  A new Netflix user interface will guide your selection based upon ‘friend’ or ‘family profiles’ suggestions.  If this information is then aggregated by Netflix for Business Intelligence Analysis, we will see what content brands are requested most, by demographic categories, and then targeting these brands for acquisition of unique content deals.

Business Intelligence about our user’s content stream selections, in the aggregate, will drive future deals for unique content.

Data Quota Limits on Member’s of Family Data Plans

I don’t see it when I log in to my AT&T Wireless account…yet, but I was trying to put a cap or maximum amount of the shared data each person in the plan is ALLOWED to use.  A use case, my kids are on my family plan, and I want to limit their data usage.

Another possible case, from a small business perspective, if you add a few lines on your plan, then you may allocate to specific type of employees, such as sales reps., specific amounts of data.  There are several types of widgets can be used, such as a pie chart, and the total pie represents the total data package, and each slice represents an allocation to each member of the shared plan.

Update: I stand corrected, and do see an AT&T Smart Limits for 4.99 USD per month:  Am not sure if the ‘allocation program’ is implemented like the use case I presented.

  • Block Unwanted Calls and Texts: Specify up to ’30’ blocked numbers.
  • Prevent 411 Charges: Easily block calls to 411 Info.
  • Limit Data Usage: Set monthly limits on data usage per billing cycle.
  • Limit Texting: Set monthly limit for number of text messages per billing cycle
  • Limit Purchases: Limit monthly purchases, such as apps and games that are billed directly to your AT&T account. Does not restrict credit card purchases from smartphone app stores.
  • Limit Phone Use By Time of Day: Restrict texting, data usage and outbound calling during specified times of day. Designate allowed numbers regardless of other restrictions – up to 15 numbers.

Drive to Work, Gain Followers, and Commute Partners

Imagine cruising a neighborhood, and based on proximity, gain a list of potential followers, which you would be able to view their posts, and follow.  If you are traveling N miles per hour during your commute, you may gain commuter buddies?

How about going to the same coffee shop day after day, and seeing the same person, the follower app keeps tabs on how many times a person is in X proximity to you in Y location.

Haven’t I seen you here before has factual truth, and not just a pick up line.

Stereoscope Produces 3D Images from Any Smartphone.

The Stereoscope was first invented by Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1838.  However, based on the existing product below a Stereoscope may be created and used by any smartphone taking two 2D images and making a 3D image.  See Stereoscope.  A Margolin Magnifying Video Visor, which can be easily transformed, and then photo capture and photo rendering software needs to be created per platform.

Compared to this Pocket stereoscope with original test image. Used by military to examine stereoscopic pairs of aerial photographs.

Another question, perhaps a more extensive version of this adopted tool may be used for 3D Scanning.

Players and Ball Tagged with WiFi for an Enhanced Sports Experience

I was reading about MLB’s iBeacon driven events that are in proximity to you, and receiving advertisements, or interactive content for the “physical event”.  As I’ve mentioned, I would like to see from my seat in the stands, a real time, dynamic score card, that shows me players trying to steal a base, as an example, or show me an error in progress, awesome.

One step further, feel the bone crushing view of a wide receiver driving the ball, and feel the wall of defense men stop me with a vibration, a jolt and real time video of the catch, and the eventual stop at the N yard line.  Put that in your XBox One, get in the game with enhanced realism never before experienced by a spectator.

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